I've been a member for around 2 months now, and this place is awesome in so many ways. However the thing that i have learned about myself is that patience matters. I have been a gamer for most of the time I have been alive, probably 2/3s's of my life has revolved around gaming in one way or the another. Role playing started in middle school and it has remained a part of my life today. Pen and paper were the weapons of choice when i was younger, mostly because nothing ever got close to it in terms of creativity. High school brought the creation of the MMO, which became the next evolution of how we role played.

My group played them all, if it was a game, we had it, and we role played through it. It left me a bit spoiled as to how to role play on the internet. It was just like everything else on the net, instant gratification. Which brings me to discovering Chaos. I tried many of the other sites, but the structure of those sites made me weary of interacting because of how many rules you needed to follow just to get to the role playing part. I'm not saying that Chaos is perfect, Tef please don't kill all of my characters :), however Chaos has as passionate a group of people here as I have encountered anywhere and that passion shows in how well the world has been crafted.

When I got here I forgot that there were lives attached to the people I wrote with and I felt slighted when the posts didn't come as quickly as I expected. After making a few mistakes and stepping on a few toes in the process, I finally found the thing that makes Chaos so magical, the patience that it has given me with my writing. By not feeling rushed to write, and finding some awesome people to write with, I have found that passion for writing that I had years ago.

The pacing was frustrating when I first joined, but it has left me with a long view of character interaction and development. i have found the patience to make my posts feel more like I wanted them to feel, and I can tell in how I approach posting now.

I still enjoy getting that little notification at the top of the screen, there are days where it's the best part of my day, but I have found an enjoyment in stopping to read the other stories that are being crafted.

That's all, stop wasting your time reading my goofy musings.