After the traitorous Sovereignty and crumbling Confederacy's attempt to chew away at the Galactic Empire's outlying territories, Grand Moff Graf and the rest of the Moff Council celebrated by holding a parade in honour of both those that fought and died in sectors that remain Imperial because of their efforts. The protectorate of Tatooine was attacked by a sizeable armada amassed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a relatively minor power located in the nearby Geonosis sector, which was subsequently repealed by the warships of the Tatooine and Hypori sector groups.

Meanwhile; Zenith Prime, a fortress world and headquarters of the Inquisitorius, was targeted by the special forces of the newly risen Sovereignty, a group of former Imperials-turned-terrorists. With these worlds free of interlopers, the Imperial military resumes shoring up its defences along the Empire's borders, continuing the grand moff's dominion of Wild Space.

Glory to the Army! Glory to the Navy! Glory to the Galactic Empire!