Hello, My Name is Justin David Nobrega, several people know me well, others know me by my characters alone but this is one of those times in which I do regret my actions over the past few weeks. As some people know i have been dealing with lack of sleep in which only two hours is the max i get at times, the inability to eat without feeling sick to my stomach and physically having to force it down, and mental break downs from that and the winding down of my first semester at college. This regrettably has been going on over the past month and to date i have lost ten pounds and dropped to about a 2.7 fat percentage. Why i am telling you guys this here and now is important as it is why i have been an nerf herder, a massive dick, and an all around jack ass to several people including Tef, Silara, Lysle, and Jon(Ashin) either to their faces or not. There are others that i have snapped at that several of you will be aware of, and that is why the title is as such that they will not be included in this... now keep in mind i might have forgotten you as well and to tell the truth its only one specific person who this apology does not apply to. But none the less let me begin.

My first one goes to the man whom i have on more than a few occasions been a jackass too. This man is Chris or otherwise known as Alric Kuhn. Firstly, i will say now that i apologize fully for anything i said too your face or behind it in regards to the Alexandra storyline. I was over reacting in places and i saw where the story could make for some great future paths. Furthermore i sadly did associate your characters deeply with you simply because i have no idea what you are like off the board, this is a problem that also includes Reverance, and others. Which is something is should not be so prone to considering a good friendship with Circe's writer... as karking weird and sexually frustrated as the character is. And boy is it. (Sorry mark, you know its true.)

This as i mentioned with you Chris is where Reverance i must also apologize too. Maya Whitelight's writer seems to hold such high regard for you that i am ashamed to never getting to talk to you out of character and learning what kind of person you are like. This while not fully, did influence how i took you from your character which was wrong. To me you came over at all times as arrogant, egotistic, and all around a sour sport but i would love to be proven wrong because of all the people that talk about you. Considering the kind of person Maya is too i also believe that i am truly wrong to believe those things and if ever there is a time when you would gladly prove me wrong and have a good old OOC Talk (Same with you chris) you can find me at David_Tharkosa on Skype.

Now time for someone i have talked to OOC and IC. Firstly, Sorry Silara, but my character really does see yours as a pretended and something of a joke... nothing OOC about that. But my ooc feelings towards you over the camellia thing has barred me from RPing with you which is utterly and completely wrong. Here is a simple reason why, i still converse heavily with Sven and Anja. So with that i apologize greatly on everything i have said in OOC confidence to you involving that and any point after. Its still sadly a shame but i understand never Roleplaying with my characters again for the unfair treatment directed at you over a problem with a close friend.

Tef... I have to simply apologize to you for all of my actions as a whole, from the chain of reports to the general whining that you and Valiens have had to deal with as well as something else that is now aimed at the entirety of the staff. I am apologizing now for the overall favoring of certain staff members over others. I will not lie when i still and wrongly so believe that certain staff members are too invested in one group to be unbiased and this is for one reason alone. -NO ONE- is unbiased. To say you are completely unbiased towards any group is wrong because its impossible and i apologize to those that i do not approach like Sarge or Cira with my problems anymore for this reason. I apologize to those that i have on one occasion said i do not trust because of their characters and i apologize for making cruel comments towards the staff as a whole.

Lysle, i apologize for calling you out of character wise nothing but a pawn to the Sith... and in character wise. This stems from my nature to connect the sith to those they push for and as such and by delusion of their past actions i have more than once during the whole Coup thing called you wrongfully so a sith pawn... unless you are one IC then ya that kinda makes the IC apology void. The Out of character apology though stands as it was wrong of me to assume certain people in the Sith were just using you to deny people creativity and expansion and i shouldn't have done that. I also apologize for any words or actions that were said or taken during the whole thing as it falls into the same category as my over devotion to helping a friend.

With all that said, and those i missed... with the exception of one man who i will never apologize to... i am sorry and if ever there was a time when i hurt you in any fashion please approach me via PM or over skype at David_Tharkosa and talk to me. I want to make up for everything ive said and done the last two months so please do contact me if you can.