The vote was ordered by the King. The Bryn Adul were a threat, the constitution needed to be stricter on them. The King rose, and repeated the proposed amendment to the senate and council.
On The Bryn'Adûl-

Added later in the constitution to address the Bryn'Adûl and their relentless conquest, the following is the official stance on the Bryn'Adûl:

1)The Bryn'Adûl, having shown no sign of slowing down or engaging in diplomacy, are to be enemies of the state, and a threat to unity.

2) Any Bryn in Elysium space is to be killed, or detained immediately.

3) Any skirmishes, wars, or other quarrels are to be abandoned and forgotten if the Bryn'Adûl reach a neighboring system, or Elysium space. Any official treaties of war are to be declared null and void until the Bryn are repelled from Elysium space. If the Bryn'Adûl reach Elysium Space, all militias in the adjacent systems are to be raised and grouped to defend against the threat.

4) Amending the section on Military Service: If the Bryn are a direct threat (Being in Elysium Space), a mass conscription is to take place. 5% of a planets' workforce may be conscripted, armed, and trained to meet the Bryn threat.

5) There are absolutely no exceptions to the above."

The 21 council members would each take a moment to represent their group, and then the senate would vote. A majority vote was required to pass the amendment.

An old man, with weathered skin and grey hair stood up, speaking in a deep, yet aged voice: "The Bryn'Adûl are a threat to everyone. There aren't many farmers in the Empire yet...we don't have territory, but I say we take extreme actions to prepare for them."
Active Military-
Then, the farmer sat down. Next was a well-decorated man with dark skin and a buzz cut. He was muscular and wore the Blue military garb of The Elysium Empire. He spoke in a calm voice "Sir. Our military is not ready to face the Bryn. We do not have a protocol, we have very few soldiers, and almost no weapons and vehicles. I propose, in addition to this amendment, that the military is given more funding.". The man sat down, having said his piece.
In his place, a woman rose. She was even more decorated than the man was, having served in the military for many years, before The Elysium Empire even existed. She spoke, loudly, as if her words were in bold print "As the Active member's representative said, our military is not ready. We need to enact the amendment, and add to it. The military needs more weapons, and more funds.". The woman knew what she was saying. She had seen enough combat to know what the military needed, and her words made the senators below erupt in quiet chatter. She had convinced many.

Factory Workers-
A man stood up, he had short black hair and a short black beard. He was middle-aged. He said one word: "Abstained.". The word signaled that he felt no need to speak. Perhaps it was because everyone knew the Bryn threat, or maybe it was because he didn't feel that his group needed to speak on the matter. No matter the case, he would be one of many to abstain.

Big Business Owners-
Next up, a large man stood up. He wore a white suit, a red tie, and had two cigars sticking out of his pocket. He was the owner of a large business on Coruscant that made droids. He had joined the Elysium Empire because the king's promise to bring order to the galaxy. He believed his business would be safer and less-regulated under the Elysium Empire. The issue with the man was that he was very vocal, even on things he didn't have knowledge in. This may be one such case. He spoke in a low tone, pausing every once and awhile for extra emphasis: "The Bryn'Adûl...have faced one defeat. The factions of the galaxy have had no success against them." he paused "The Elysium Empire is the greatest idea this galaxy has seen, but we are not ready. I say we pass this amendment, and many others after it, to combat the Bryn." His words hung for a moment, and the room went silent.

Small Business Owners-
Now, an older gentleman stood. He wore a red shirt with a collar. He represented small businesses, and owned a small picture company on Naboo. He, like the previous man, joined the Empire to be given more freedom with his company. He said only a few things: "I support the amendment, our lives are at stake. Every one of us, be it business owner or scientist, need to support this amendment.". He sat.

A woman stood up. She was beautiful, with long, flowing brown hair, and green eyes. Her voice shook as she addressed the 241 senators that currently served, th 20 council members, and the king. "I-I am Breanna. I support the amendment on behalf of all c-crafters that support The Emp- The Elysium Empire. Nobody wants to be forced to fight...but if we do not stand to-together, we will all perish. Thank you," she sat, looking relieved.

A woman with red hair and blue eyes stood up. She was a scientist of Veintein Labs and Innovations. She spoke, in a scripted but convincing way: "On behalf of Veinstein Labs and Innovations, and all scientists supporting the Empire, we are willing to support this amendment, however, as scientists, we ask that it be altered, asking us to pause all projects and work on weapons to combat the Bryn, rather than directly serve." she sat. It was a reasonable proposal. Valhoun would make them vote on that later.

There was no droid representative. Heath and Veinstein were currently trying to recruit CH-EF, a droid, to represent droids...but until then, the droid production company's owner from earlier was also the droid counselor.

A man with tanned skin and long, dark hair stood up next. He was a merchant, his ship was part of the fleet. He was the one that brought the resources from Veinstein Labs to the fleet. He had once traded goods in Kessel, but the Bryn had taken the planet. He had lost his family, and his job. He fled to The Elysium Empire for a place to live. Valhoun had accepted him in personally, and knew him well. He said, as he teared up immediately, "My family was slaughtered, my job was lost, and my life was forever changed by the Bryn. Though they seem distant...they are the largest threat we will ever know. I support the amendment." He sat, covering his face and sobbing, his strength broken by the recent nightmare reality of his loss. Again there was complete silence. The Elysium Empire was diverse, but when one man hurt, the whole Empire hurt. Unity. It was a promise, and it was currently strong. Heath hoped it would last once the Empire expanded.

Force Sensitives-

An Ithorian stood. He wore robes, and had dedicated his life to be a jedi. He joined the Empire because he felt the jedi were corrupt, and while their intent was good, they were too weak to support the territory they held. Heath had also met with the Ithorian when he joined, to better understand force-users. He had a great deal of respect for him. The Ithorian spoke, a translator droid repeating the words, in basic. "The jedi can't beat the Bryn'Adûl. Sadly, I do not believe anyone can. They can only defeat themselves. However, we must take every action possible to delay them. I support the amendment." He sat. The senate was loud. Many supported force-users, but many resented them.

Bounty Hunters-
Speaking for Bounty Hunters and mercenaries, a human male with a military cut stood up. He was ripped, and had Mandalorian blood. He said in a hoarse voice: "Why should we be concerned with the Bryn? Sure, we use your fleet and like your ideas, but we can always leave, flee the alien scum." He sat down. And so, the Amendment had its' first critic.


A zebrack female rose. She had a bionic arm, and was an engineer, she'd fixed several ships in the fleet before, and was the lead engineer of the Empire. She said "I have seen the strongest shields we have. I have fixed our weapons, and droids. I know our designs and armor. The Bryn use weapons that we have never seen before. They would destroy us. I support the amendment, and ask that we take steps after it to provide more security." She sat.

Justice Officials-
A female stood, wearing blue robes. She was the sole judge on the fleet. She said "Speaking for all justice officials in the galaxy that support The Elysium Empire, I support the amendment." She sat. Indeed, the Elysium Empire was a fleet, but its' members were everywhere. Anyone that supported the Empire was a citizen of it. The King had declared the galaxy to belong to the Empire, thus anyone could be a citizen.

Law Enforcement-
A Duros male stood up. He wore a white shirt, blue vest, and khaki cargo pants. He spoke fluent basic "Supported. This is an issue for all of us. The Bryn kill indiscriminately."

Emergency Services-
A wookie stood up, roaring passionately as a droid translated: "The Bryn won't harm us, they will kill us. They have killed millions. Doctors can't save you from death if your head is chopped off. Ambulance speeders are fast enough to stop a blade from ripping flesh and crushing bones. We support the amendment." The wookie was a combat medic. He represented all doctors in the Empire, as Dr. Veinstein was too busy to represent them.

Non-Emergency Doctors-N/A

Another Ithorian rose. Translated by the droid, she said "As we have heard...the Bryn will kill everything. Aliens, as you call us, or humans...for what are humans but aliens to another species? Rise together


The Final Council member rose. It was an older man, representing all humans in The Elysium Empire. He had the strongest position, as far as representing a group. Humans made up about 60% of The Elysium Empire's followers. He spoke as the voice of reason and neutrality in almost every council meeting. He was old, and wise, a true representative. He rose, slowly, and then spoke slowly, giving his wisdom to the senate, council, and king. "The Bryn'Adûl are a threat that we haven't seen since the great infection killed so, so many. I don't care who you are. If you exist...if you have some sort of life in your are threatened by these monsters. I absolutely support this amendment." And with that, he sat.

Heath Valhoun had listened to the entire meeting. He knew the outcome would be the passing of the amendment. Never had the council been so unified, but then, never had the galaxy been so threatened. The system worked. The Elysium Empire was perfectly balanced. The galaxy was fortunate to have a true Empire, that cared about the people, an empire that would never become corrupt.
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