BREAKING: Chief of State Jaius Sovv Calls For Special Counsel to Begin Investigating CF Ties to Foreign States

Galaxy Beacon, Coruscant Office
Multiple representatives of the Alliance state office on Monday spoke to Beacon correspondents on the record about some of the latest discussions at senior levels surrounding the ongoing Galactic City political crisis. Both the Triumvirate Council and Galactic Alliance Assembly have been curiously silent in the wake of Execute Zeradias Mant's controversial claim upon the office of Galactic City's Mayor. Repeated requests for an interview with a federal representative have all been rebuffed, each with a reminder that is not the Alliance's policy to comment on ongoing criminal investigations.
Now that silence has been broken, with officials apparently preparing to double down on their position that Executive Mant has perpetrated election fraud against the Coruscanti people, even going so far as to refer to the precipitating Council Meeting a "soft coup d'etat" and "wholly unlawful under Galactic City ordinances". Further, while these sources denied to be quoted by name, it was suggested during the course of the interview that Chief of State Sovv would be pushing for the independent planetary committee to widen the scope of their investigation beyond Executive Mant to include his affiliated party, Coruscant First. Specifically, the institution's finances.
"Its a lot to sift through," one of our sources was quoted as saying, "You've got this guy Mant, who was less than half a year ago Vice Regent of some totalitarian regime out in the Unknown Regions. Then he shows up on Coruscant, and within a matter of months he is elected to high public office? Nobody quite knows what to make of it, not yet anyway."
The Beacon's own investigation into the true nature of Mant's personal or professional relationship with now deposed Iron Emperor Isamu Baelor, former General of the One Sith Empire and 'scourge of Dulvoyinn', but what seems even less clear to those officials we interviewed is the Executive's endgame, if it is to be believed we cannot take his claims at face value. Another source is quoted as calling Coruscant First's calls for independence "preposterous bordering on incoherent", noting that the freedom of a planet's self determination is part of the Galactic Alliance's founding charter.
"One is forced to ask, is this is an outcry over nothing? You look at every independent poll conducted on the subject, and Coruscant's population overwhelmingly supports remaining a part of the Alliance. They're trying to create a problem, to manufacture one, because look who happens to be standing by, ready to sell you their solution."
Our own polling on the topic is forced to concede that a clear majority of Coruscanti citizens are opposed to leaving the Alliance, although to call the results overwhelming is something of a stretch. More troubling however are assertions that the Coruscant First party are perpetrators of a massive social media propaganda campaign, well funded and extremely coordinated. Too coordinated, our sources argue, to be the work of independent operators. Allegedly, the Guard's focus has already shifted to examining the possibility of collaboration with a hostile foreign power.
We reached out to the State Office once more for an official comment on our story, and received this prepared statement from the Chief of State's desk.
It is of course our policy not to discuss such investigations, but I can reaffirm to all citizens that in addition to the independent committee, our Galactic Alliance Guard's own criminal probe is continuing alongside the Coruscant Security Force, and I am pleased to report that so far it would seem that there has been much cooperation between the Special Counsel and Guard officials already. There is a free flowing exchange of information, and all parties involved share a mutual interest in seeing justice done as well as a return to business as usual for Galactic City.
"Don't underestimate them, these guys are smart," when we asked our source for any final remarks, this is what we received in reply, "They learned some dark, dark lessons from all those First Order propaganda vids during the war. Coruscant First is built on the idea that it doesn't matter if what you're saying stands up to scrutiny, all that matters is if you cook some footage or doctor records and make enough noise about it."
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