Name: Aldu'Ock Necropsi
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Unknown, Origin point located on a Space station near DNX-N1 (Wild Space)
Language: Galatic Basic & Telepathy
Average height of adults: 2-2.3m ( Taller depending on Cybernetics )
Skin color: Deathly pale, grey, white & charocole.( You understand the color Range )
Hair color: Black, White, Grey.^^
Breathes: Type 1&2
(+) High Intelligence
(+) Natural Born Engineers
(+) Zealous to their gods
(+) Adapt quickly to Situations
(+) Cybernetic Strength and Speed
(-) Addicted to Technology
(-) Dislike Nature
(-) Volatile view of Force Users
(-) Secretive
(-) Cold society
(-) Not Possible to be Force Sensitive
(-) Zealous to their beliefs

Distinctions: Pale Skin, long limbs, skinny, odd skin formations and growths along spine, some lack lips, Cybernetics are different for the majority and come in different shapes and sizes.
Average Lifespan: How ever long their Cybernetics hold them together, But otherwise 350.
Races: Xulge & Mudrac
Estimated Population: Roughly 10000, Found strictly in Wild Space.
Diet: Omnivores, though most dont need to eat at all.
Communication: Telepathy and Galatic Bais
Culture: Much like Ancient Eygpt. Mudrac are the common people who for the most part are still half and/or part human or Organic. The Mudrac often fill the roles that sustain the Space station. Engineers, Architects, Scientist, Doctors, Laborers, Miners, Scouts, Priests & etc. The Craftsmen of the Colony. Where as the Xulge are Cybernetic and Machine like, Their bodies being mostly Metal and small percent Organic. ( much like Grevious ) They were viewed as the Guardians, Warriors, Military, Assassins, Commandos & Generals. Hostile Combative roles. Both classes of the Culture have one thing in common that keeps them from splitting apart and that is the belief in their religion. The Necropsi Religion of Aldu'Ock is complex. Who they worship is truly unknown but they call him Denoch. Ancient records show that Denoch taught the Necropsi that the Force was Deceptive energy source and would lead to the destruction of the Galaxy. In Time Zealots added to the Records more and more, essentially adding to the hate of Pure Organics and the Force. To the Necropsi the Force is view like a religion and those who worship it or use it are branded infidels.
Technology level: On Spot with the Mon Cal and with a bizarre knowledge of Bio Tech.
General behavior: Zealots in short. Forever devoted to pleasing their Deity Denoch. Social Orders held together by their Faith and Cooperative structure of Classes. Those who refuse this order are treated as flawed or infidels.
History: The Aldu'Ock Necropsi were always present in the Galaxy, In the Wilds of Space they lay dormant per say in their beliefs. Watching the Galaxy unfold as they continued their beliefs in their deity Denoch. But change occurred after the ascendance of their head priest and with one role empty the wheels of progression continued to turn. In his place a new head Priest was chosen, one who was craftier and more Charismatic. His views on the Religion of Aldu'Ock was tainted slightly. Instead of believing that the Necropsi should remain in their section of space he suggested and convinced many that now was the time to expand, claim and show the rest of that the Necropsi were still here. Under the orders to expand and peek out of their Colony a expedition was sorted and made from the Xulge class. Their mission to gather information and re introduce whatever planet they visited to their presence. During the Expedition the Galaxy was under attack from a threat that was known as Alaka, The Nether worlds had opened and became real. A event that was shocking to discover on the Necropsi part only due to the fact that it was fortold that one day Denoch would show a sign to his worshipers by tearing the sky and making rifts. With the exploring Xulge not only examining these event but also witnessing them first hand they shortened their voyage to the other planets and returned back to their home space station to give their reports.

Apon Arrival the Xulge expedition members exclaimed that Denoch had shown them the signs, with what they saw on record/film the priests studied and held gathered discussing what to make of it all for 8 years. During this time of decision making the Galaxy still went under the odd rule of alaka and her power. After coming to a decision the Council of Aldu'Ock decided the Signs were legitimate and that they the Necropsi were directed to destroy the one who opened the rifts through the force. Believing every Force user had a hand in this attempt on the Galaxys longevity.... the deathly silence of war sounded in the Colony. The Xulge prepared the masses for war and the Mudrac branded it a crusade to purge the infidelic nature of the force using "Cultist".
Notable Player-Characters: To be added?
Intent: I honestly think the Starwars universe needs more Cyborg types, I always wanted to make a cyborg but I wanted them to be complex in design and their ways different from just being a merc with a fancy body. Best way i saw to do this was to make a new race of beings that fancy technology to a scary degree and have a different view of the Galaxy. I can see the Necropsi making a interesting threat and assisting the rise of the anti force user era.