Image Source: IGN
Intent: To give Valashu a better means to defend himself in close quarters than the Bow he utilizes...
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Ancient Tera Lushians | Damien Daemon
Model: Ak'hanz'a Ver'itoth
Affiliation: Matreya (Valashu)
Modularity: None
Production: Semi-Unique (2)
Material: Alchemized Titanium | Alchemized Tera Lushian Black Oak | Artificial Focus Crystal
Classification: Axe
Size: Ambidextrous (Mainly Dual Wield)
Length: 88.9 cm
Weight: 3.175 kg
Special Features:
(+) Lightsaber Proof
(+) Force Imbued
(+/-) Electricity Absorption
(-) Dark Force Nexus
(-) Dark Taint
Just as there was a Sword of the Night upon Tera Lush, there were the lesser known Axe of the Night twins. Both were rumored to be impossible to destroy, yet could cut like a lightsaber when required.
The result was Damien preparing dual handles from the tree rumored to have housed the log made into the pommel of the Sword. Both were meditated on by Valashu as he whittled them to shape, thus allowing the binding force between them, the head, and the focusing crystals imbedded where head met limb. But, this was also altered in the manner that all Damien's works were: alchemy. This made the weapons into the famed style so known by the Dark, which will always pose a problem to Val, as he is not of the Darkside.
Alongside this came the ability to withstand nearly any form of damage with no result, to create a minor Force Nexus within a certain range of the weapons while also giving them the chance to absorb Force Lightning. However, while they can do so, the result isn't released upon physical contact with another object, but at a random point, thus must be released as quickly as possible to negate potential damage to the wielder.
With the crystals' connection built between weapon, Force, and Val, it is also a Force Imbued weapon as well. This allows for improved cutting, even higher durability, and protection from the darkness found with each weapon.
All in all, they are powerful weapons crafted to be perfect for one that must fight the dark every day.
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