Log 67 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

"Begin recording of Test 29. HALIE, power on." A blue translucent woman flickered into view above the Holoterminal Zavzen was standing in front of. "HAELI, run diagnostics check." Zavzen ordered. The woman tilted her head for a few seconds before she spoke, "Diagnostics ran. Results are as follows: All systems that are able to be accessed are running at peak performance. Programs that are unabled to be accessed are as follows: Software labelled "Emotion", Software labelled "Morals", Software labelled "Evolve", Software labelled "Base Personality"."

Zavzen allowed a brief smile to cross his face before he spoke again,"List core programmings, please HAELI." For a few seconds there was no response and Zavzen worried that the same bug he had been battling for the past week had not yet been fixed, up to the point where HAELI spoke and he release a sigh of relief. "Core programmings are as followed: Actions that would cause physical, emotional or other pain - including death - to the creator and those that are considered 'Safe' are forbidden. Only the creator can add someone to or remove someone from the 'Safe'. Compassion and a desire to protect is allowed to override self preservation. Commands given with the designation 'ORC-01' are to be followed no matter what. The command 'ORC-02-End' places the AI on shut down. Override commands (Commands with the designation 'ORC') can only be changed by the creator when no chemical substances nor recent (6 months Galactic Standard Time) behaviour changes are detected."

With a second sigh of relief Zavzen allowed a proud smirk to cross his face. This was major progress. "HAELI," he eventually spoke, "Download and integrate software title "Morals" and "Base Personality"." He commanded before walking out of the room to get some sleep.