Corporation Name: Agri-Corp
Headquarters: Hanna City, Chandrila
Locations: Hanna City, Emita, Nayli; Chandrila
Operations: Primarily Crop Production and processing. In addition to crop harvesting on land, they also operate several small facilities on "The Silver Sea" which operate as Seaweed Harvesting plants which produce a variety of underwater fauna for processing into a wide range of "Meat-Free" Products. While most of their crops are planted and produced in the open air, they have recently released begun work on a new facility which will grow food in large hydroponics bays, in a climate controlled environment. This is currently under construction.
Rationale: Agri-Corp started as a small farm located on the outskirts of Hanna City, the capitol of Chandrila. Owned by a small family with the name of Orozill, the farm grew over time, slowly becoming one of the best known agricultural companies on Chandrila. Their primary focus was their crops, but when they branched out to harvest seaweed and other underwater fauna, their business boomed, especially off-world. Eventually becoming the largest of the three main agricultural powerhouses on Chandrila, they began a project to create hydroponically grown crops, that is now in progress. The company goals were originally to simply become a main provider of food-stuffs on the planet, but have since expanded, even delivering and providing export opportunities to other worlds.
Tier: 3
Description: Agri-Corp. "Helping feed your family, the ethical way." Despite it's highly corporate sounding name, Agri-Corp started out at its roots, a family owned company. Born when Alastan Orozill bought a large swathe of farming land at the outskirts of Hanna City, Agri-Corp used to be called "Oro-Farms". Since its inception, Agri-Corp's main goal has been to feed the families of Hanna City and as they've expanded, the whole of Chandrila! The company now runs under a board of 9 members to include the owner, Ander Orozil, the son of the company's creator Alastan Orozill. Agri-Corp has become a staple of the Hanna City economy, donating a good portion of its profits each year toward the arts and schools in the cities it operates. As it has grown, it has begun starting its own schools throughout the various cities, garnering a respect and genuine interest in the agricultural sciences. At its roots, Agri-Corp is a large contributor to the local populace and provides many jobs, only automating the most labor intensive tasks, preferring to provide jobs for the residents of Chandrila. Its owners have been known to pay for scholarships at the local universities for students who are particularly stellar in their agricultural studies as well as providing grant money for those of Chandrila who are less fortunate.
Subsidiaries: None at this time.
Parent Corporation: N/A
Primary Source: N/A