So recently we had a discussion and a community-wide vote to be more transparent about what the Admins do on a day-to-day basis. There's a lot of concern over whether or not this transparency would impede our ability to do our jobs, given that the community could start weighing in opinions on what we're discussing and possibly alter the course of the discussion. Maybe that's how it should be, though.
Regardless, I've always been the most visible Administrator, so having the community judge my decisions on the drop of a dime isn't really a change at all for what I do here. So I think I've decided how this is going to work.
The Admin's Blog, this blog, will be utilized as an unofficial way to tell the community what is going on behind the Admin's doors. You're going to get the subject matter of what is being currently voted on and/or discussed, and you're going to get my vote. The other Admins, what they say in regards to the subject matter, will remain private so that the Administrators' may function as a team of representatives undeterred by public opinion in day to day activities.
Anyways, here we go.
ISSUE #1: Hutt Cartel Merger
Reason For Discussion: Tefka instructed the Admins that they have always had the ability to reject mergers, as there are no rules regarding merging. The Hutt Cartel is currently relevant and is serving as the example used in the context of this vote.
Current Vote: 3/6 against factions being able to merge influence clouds. 3 not checked in.

ISSUE #2: Planetary Devastation
Reason For Discussion: The Administrators were privately contacted by a party wishing to destroy a canon planet owned by the influence cloud of their Major Faction.
Current Vote: 1 for "Make Destroying Planets an Admin Vote", 1 for "It should be allowed, but rare", and 1 for "No, we'll find a better way, I seriously regret destroying Corellia." 3 not checked in.

ISSUE #3: Major Faction Applications
Reason For Discussion: There's been momentum towards moving a lot of things out from under a single Admin and into the realm of "Admin Votes". Tefka served as first Major Faction Admin, then Thurion Heavenshield. Now the vote has come to move Major Faction Applications to "All admins must vote on it."
Current Vote: 5/6 overwhelming support. Tefka is the only schmuck to not vote.
ISSUE #4: Cloudbreaking
Reason For Discussion: No discussion, Tefka mandates all future cloudbreaking to be voted on by all Administrators and not just the people making the map.
Current Vote: 1/1, passes.