So we've got another one, but instead of raging like I did with the last guy who copied and pasted our stuff, I show these guys nothing but support.
They've been given my okay to copy and paste our rules, copy a lot of the ideas of Chaos, etc. So long as they don't lift anything that's been created by our members (like the last guy did) and stick solely to the rules/ideas created by me and the Staff Team, I'm fine with it. There have been rumors that we banned Chaos members that joined that forum. Nobody's banned. We only ban people who break our rules. It is not against our rules to leave the site and join another one, that's silly.
I even stopped by their Skype chat to meet them and get to know them. They seem like a friendly bunch.
You can find their community here:
Usually we're against advertising on Chaos, but this is me doing it, so I figure we're okay. If you want to go try out something new, if you're curious and want to go take a peek, have at it! Chaos has always valued individuality, uniqueness, and freedom.
We've also heard rumors that they're advertising in the Skype chats of several factions. SWRP Staff does not regulate these chats, Faction Moderators do. It's on you guys if you wish to permit them to do so. However, I urge all parties to display respectful behavior.
Regardless of which forum you post on, we're all Star Wars fans.