"My fellow citizens,
For the past decade, we and our brothers in the Core have been reunited, we have stood against the threat of Imperialism, and we have fought the ever increasing threat of the Sith Empire. Indeed, we had transcended the devastation and terror wrought upon our people by those who would seek to bound us to the infallcies of Imperial rule. But, we can ill afford to gloss over the past.
Our mistakes are innumerable. Deaths number in the millions, as we recover from the military disaster of the Stygian Campaign. Our economy is in shambles, with our own credit constantly growing weaker and weaker in power. Our very way of life is in danger.
Don't let the political establishment lie to you; We are not strong, we have grown weak. We are not united, we are more divisive than ever before. Threats to our sovereignty exist from without, in the fartheest reaches of Unknown Regions, to within, with the radical Marlon Sularen and his so-called constitutional Authority of Byss
In short, my brothers and sister, we must demand change. We must demand progress. We must demand freedom! Unity! Sovereignty! And that is why I am officially declaring my candidacy for the Chancellery of the Galactic Alliance!
I won't stall as your leaders. I'll govern. I will not make mistakes as Commander-in-Chief. Together, let's rebuild our legacy and reclaim our unity!"