So, decided to make this in order to keep things nice and orderly when it comes to my characters and which ones are currently active. This means, at any time that is wanted, a thread can be started with them as long as the story or idea makes sense. So ya.
Solan Charr
- Pyromaniac and King of the planet Kesh. This man is always open for an adventure and excitement though in recent years has only left Kesh when it comes to business or requires his aid in order to keep Kesh safe or to improve its economic status. This man can fit any and all RPs though do keep in mind Duels will be the hardest to get over due to the very nature of his position right now. (Not impossible though.)
- He IS able to train people... extra note though, he is an unaffiliated force user, that specializes with the dark side. But is willing to teach what he knows of the light.

Alexandra Feanor
- Hermit, Grumpy, beats up her friends because why not. Thats Alexandra. Shes a woman who has died once, lost her family twice, and hates the guts of the one she still loves because he dumped her to the side because she wanted to keep him and her children out of harms way... so ya. Shes a bit ticked at times. Any Roleplays work for her as well like Solan.
- She is able to train people. Lightsided through and through.

Alexander Sannes
- Former Senator that is now moving about and getting to know more of those in the Galaxy while his planet figures out its place in the galaxy. More in the mood for lighter hearted RPs with this one, and the occassional duel though id prefer more conversations than the duels and fighting when it comes to this Echani.
- Needs trained, though hides his force powers.