STATION: Dromund Kaas.
ENTRY: #2.

My training under Zeptepi Zambrano is progressing nicely and it seems my position as an Acolyte within The Sith Empire has been confirmed - An Apprentice Sith.

My experience on the battlefield has helped me to open myself up to the power of the Dark Side of the Force, and as I fought to fulfil my Master's command, I discovered the strength that one could gain from the fading life of others.

The feeling of strength being siphoned from the life of another is indescribable, and while I know this is something I should feel guilty for, I cannot help the thirst for that feeling of control and divine reverence in the power that I have gained.

I am learning to see my surroundings with a new depth of awareness, every cell or molecule containing some form of life and energy of the Force itself. Many Force Users draw strength from their environment as I have learned to do from my enemies, however, the wealth of power gained from the lives of others comes with far greater mass, and much faster than it would take time to draw upon my surroundings. It is a rush of strength that sets me on high, makes me feel invulnerable.

This is a skill that I will continue to focus on improving.

As for the Disciples of Typhojem, I have not yet returned to my search for them. The things that I am learning here within The Sith Order is invaluable to me, and I must continue to train and gather as much strength as I can if I am to wipe them out.

At the very least, I have been able to learn more about this ancient Sith Lord Typhojem and what drives the Cult, outcast from The Sith Empire and designated heretics to the will of the Dark Lord of the Sith, their time is limited.

Regarding my Master, I'm not yet certain what she makes of my progress. She is harsh and powerful for someone so young. If I would guess, she can't be too much older than myself, and yet she commands the Force as well as her subordinates with an iron-will I have heard natural to the family she has. House Zambrano, a long and powerful lineage within the Order of the Sith, her very Father being Darth Carnifex.

I stand to gain so much, providing I am able to live up to her expectations.