So, Staff's been covering my bum for an old, old mistake I made these last couple of weeks. Apparently, a few of our more 'inclined' members have outed a decision I passed some time long, long ago and are getting upset that I've ordered the decision overturned.
Member: "Can I disable my old account and create a new one?"
Past Me: "Sure, but don't advertise it."
Now Me: "No."
Did some people have this happen? Yes. Was it fair for me to allow them, and not the others now? No. Are there reasons? There's always reasons, there's always excuses. But really, it boils down to a poor decision & a wrong one to boot that I made for whatever reason.
However, in lieu of my poor leadership of the past, I'll give the community some food for thought.
1) We're migrating, many people know we're migrating. I'm pushing very hard for it right now, and many pieces are moving to make it happen. I can't have multiple accounts changing emails right now, you will have numerous problems on the other side of the migration and I'll be the one who has to fix them. This is purely a technical outlook on both a technical and moral problem.
2) We have a rule against it. A rule that I contextually waived in favor of "Well, it's not duplicate if we disable the old one". Again, this was a *wrong* decision, and I make no excuse for it. Be it favoritism or the more likely "I just want them to stop asking me", the burden for this decision lies solely with me as every Administrator would have to seek my permission to allow it.
3) I am against anonymity. I know it can be enticing, but I also acknowledge the dangers that accompany supporting it in the community. Full, undisclosed anonymity allows situations, albeit rare, for members to exploit the community. Although there are paths to anonymity here, our Staff team is very well versed in preventing and deconstructing them. Why is anonymity so bad?
I left my last community (before Chaos) because a moderator used two alternate accounts to report a person they didn't like, and then used their moderator status to push for that person to be banned in a discussion in which the targeted person had no representation nor defense.
Again, a rare situation, but a lesson I'll never forget. Behind closed doors, everyone has the potential to be a monster. I prefer my doors open.
With that said, I understand why it's alluring for a "fresh start". Some people can attain a reputation they don't feel they deserve and can't shake. Others just want to know how it feels at the bottom floor again, without all the baggage attached. As the most public facing member of this community, I understand that more than anyone. However, as the member with the most responsibility to this community, I also understand the need to be held accountable to my actions of the past.
Hence the blog.
Judge away.