Democracy is fragile. Every decision we make, using our power of freedom is not free of consequence be them beneficial or ill. I remind you, we must steady the path. I've been receiving letters and messages regarding the Confederacy First Inatitive, most of these are asking whether or not I support or oppose it.

That my dear constituents is conflicting. I believe that as a literal extension of you, a representative of your rights it is my duty to ensure nothing you choose is infringed upon. My question to you is: Do you support Confederacy First? If yes, I support it. If no, then I will fight to end it.

Then there is the matter of whether or not the Viceroys should have been involved with it's creation. I say yes. We are the legislative body of this Confederacy and by law it our responsibility to ensure laws which benift the people are enacted. The Vicelord however, does have a right to instuite an executive order which he did. But, members of the Viceroyalty have already submitted a new Bill which will determine the future of Confederacy First.

The incidents at Ryloth, Sisteen, and Taly are inexcusable. There was no heed for bloodshed nor any sort of conflict. The Agents of Chaos, are a terrorist group and should be punished accordingly. The Coalition has a right to voice it's concerns but your actions have almsots caused a civil war, so I beg you to be wise.

In conclusion, I'd like to state that anything here said by me, is simply my opinion as a Viceroy of the Confederacy. There is Justice, Law and Order and it will stay that way if I have anything to say about it.

Viceroy Custani Valcho,
Mechis III