I freely admit, I got the idea for this from an entry in Daichi's blog that I must say I totally agree with. The subject of that blog entry was how nobody should be above the law.

The law of blogs, which I agreed to follow about ten minutes ago, decrees that no personal information be given out, if I recall correctly. Now, this guy made a mistake - a pretty major one, and yes, I do think he deserves to be punished. But not by putting all his personal information out on the internet for hackers, spambots, and everyone with a petty vendetta to see and post on and troll. If you'll permit me, I'll post a quote for Daichi.
I watched the likes pile up as someone may of just destroyed another persons life. And for what? Pixels that were copied on a screen? It is one thing to post the links to the things that have been copied, but to post a Facebook page? An email? Well. An email is one thing, you can ignore hateful emails no issue.
But Facebook? Where his real life friends and family exist in a whole other world?
I could debate until the cows come home about ignoring hateful emails without a problem (I have yet to figure out how to work a blacklist), but the rest of it I agree with. The chances of this person's private information going out to the internet and ruining his life? I have no idea, but I'm willing to bet it's bigger than you think.

The worst part, according to Daichi (and again, I agree), is that a staff member posted this. According to the same staff member they're in lalaland from being sick most of the time, but they said I am lucid when they posted that blog entry. And let's go take a look at the General Rules now, shall we?
Harassment and abusive behavior is absolutely not allowed. This includes trolling members and racial, sexist, religious, ethnic, sexual or political remarks that can be considered derogatory.
I'd call posting someone's person information in retaliation to an act of plagarism after banning them, 'harassment'. I know if that was my personal information, I'd call that harassment. Hell, if I saw another staff member doing that on my site? I'd take the information down immediately and smack 'em with the banhammer. Because to me? Posting someone's private information without their consent, which I highly doubt was given, is cyberbullying.

Banning is regarded as the ultimate punishment. As a staff member, your jurisdiction is over the website and its members, and I acknowledge this. But that means you're a part of the website too, and you have to follow your own rules. Otherwise, you loose respect, and when you loose respect, you loose members.

Now, some people might call this post harassment or abuse, and I can see why they might say that. I respectfully disagree. I think I'm simply calling attention to something that shouldn't have happened, but since it did, should be punished accordingly. But since it's a staff member who broke the rules, I don't think that's going to happen.

Feel free to prove me wrong, Chaos.