//Begin Encryption
//To: Omai Rhen, Grand Marshall
//From: Gabriel Sionoma
//Subject: Recent Events
You asked about life on the farm. It’s pretty standard living, a good deal different than life on Sullust. People here don’t really acknowledge the impact of the war. Things just move on, people barter with one another and life, it goes on.
The children are well. Since Avalore adopted them, with Meeristali, they’ve grown up without any conflict. Almost 9 months old now, they have started to develop personalities and moved beyond that phase where they just stare back at you and smile or cry. Whenever I'm struck with melancholy, I look into their expressions and remember that things could always be worse. But for now, the moments are at their best.
I’ve spoken to the Commissioner of the Sulon Law Enforcement, he wasn’t happy to hear about my promotion to Jedi Marshall of the Galactic Alliance. He perceived it as a loss, that I would have to head back to Sullust to tend to my duties. As Aela and Jacen and Chevu do, remaining within the Academy when not deployed. It was a consequence that I hadn’t taken into account. I'm not prepared to leave my station with the Expeditionary Group. I'm not prepared to leave Sulon and the children and Ava. And I'm not prepared to return to the Academy, where I was held as prisoner for so long.
I’m not a Jedi. I don’t think I ever will be. I have no schooling in the dogma and no matter how lax the view of Jedi are, in the New Jedi Order, that won't change. I respect you, Omai, you’ve done great things and you’re as wise as you are capable. When you offered me this rank, I was elated. Because I understood your position on the darkside, I took it as recognition for redemption. But redemption isn’t defined by rank. And as a good friend told me when I needed the truth, I am no Jedi.
Despite my acceptance of the promotion at the time, I must now resign from the rank of Jedi Marshall. Or maybe just refuse it, when given the opportunity to consider it fully. Obligated by a sense of duty and responsibility, I hastily accepted and pushed a square peg into a circular hole. I was blinded by recent accomplishment. But for this particular task, I’m not your man.
I’ll be there whenever the Galactic Alliance needs me. Nothing has changed. But I won't lose my home and I can’t give up the promise I made here on Sulon. I hope you’ll understand.
Also, the mead turned out well. You were right, I went a bit overboard on the ginger. Gave it a bit of zing, but still good. Come by and try it, when time allows.
//End Message
//End Encryption