Log Entry: Day 49
Ord Mantell: 08:00 Hours
Perhaps it's something I can build off of, or maybe not. I haven't had time to record anything since Tatooine, which had been many months ago. Plus, on top of that, in my previous journal- which is filled all the way to the last page. I've been forced to start in a new journal, and hide the other incase I ever need it. Perhaps I should have started a new one when I left Grieak.
No matter, while breaking an entry here in Ord Mantell, I'd found some notable items in at an apartment address my father had- or did have- in his personal things. Since my first arrival amongst the Space Men's realm, This is all I've been doing. Breaking into houses, finding things that may help me, and leave. Most around these parts consider that against the law. But what's the trouble if nothing's taken? Well, most often at least.
What I had found was a stack of images, and a small note covered in dust. It had my father's name on it, and nothing more. The images had no names on them, but they were all made to last. Luckily for me, they went along with my 'no technology' grudge, which the photos were photocopied on regular paper, and covered with a thin plastic to provide some kind of protection. The pictures were all in color, and they all had a distinctive trait to them. A hat, a tattoo or tribal marking, or something that separated them from the rest. I've placed my gut on a man with yellow sunglasses, which I feel as if he'll be my first target. Hopefully I won't have to kill him, I've already had enough trouble on some planets, and I'm running out of places to rest safely.
- Gav Arwell