A.I.M. - Artificially Intelligent Mind
From some of his earliest times as an Assassin, Zaiden found that usage of a Droid Mind interface that mapped into his every tool was useful in many ways. He could access the Holonet and gather Intel with a simple phrase, he could have his ride piloted to him from other locations, as well as set up weaponry that could be then utilized later in whatever plans he may conceive.
Yet, Droid Minds were programs that did not learn from previous mistakes or anything similar.
Thus it was that Zaiden began to apply his skills with slicing, to the making of a program that could. He would need access to a brain that would work much like a humans - in the fashion that it learned, remembered details, even had a personality and thus could be useful in creating deadly plans! As well, a program that could be useful in splicing, or one that he would be able to set about destroying an enemies computers from within!
An exert from Zaiden's logs:

"I have toiled over the coding of A.I.M. for days now, yet in the end it simply does not accomplish what I wish for it. I have attempted to enhance the analytically comprehensive capabilities, and that did not do as I wish. I feel as if I am missing something....skipping a step that could ease me through this."​
After coming to the conclusion that a step was missing, he went back to square one. The drawing board. What was it he sought? Powerful processing capabilities, to best the greatest a Human has to offer. This could be accomplished with enough coding to allow the intricate understanding of the surroundings. What else? Personality? This, though achievable with advanced programing, was something he wanted to delve deeper into. While altering the program itself, he could allow for understanding of quirks or events that would usually bypass the mind of a lesser machine, he sought one that not only understood but could make its own!
He wanted a real intellect, that of a living being, inside a program!
An exert from Zaiden's Journal:

"I found what I am missing! Why did I not think of it!? The Spirit that possessed me gave me the clue, yet I overlooked it! This very flesh and blood body that I inhabit, it is the key! When Tenebrae and Penumbra fought for control of my previous form, they pushed me out! What better way, then to house all of my memories into another brain! They programmed parameters that would encompass the understanding of certain events on a statistical level, reactions that could be found when studied analytically!
To dumb it down, they programmed Zander's mind, with the information stored in my own! Its what even the Kaminoans do! By force feeding a brain information, they can allow it a lifetime of experience in very little time!"​
From this seemingly unconnected realization, Zaiden went on a trip to the planet Kamino. Once there he explained the ideas he sought, and from it began to build on the plans of an Artificial Intelligence that he could rely on. First, he chose a specimen to clone - a young Militaristic Historian - to which, afterward, he had the younger specimen imprinted with the same knowledge of his hereditary creator. In this knowledge, he encompassed the first of the true Galactic wars, all the way to those of the Clone Wars, up to the most recent. There was a level of in depth assertion that Zaiden found he was not truly apt in himself, so he went to his program again.
Instead of working on the coding, he began to work on the housing of the program. In the greatest of details, he built connectors and processors so infinitesimally small that it required the hands of several droids to accomplish. He added enough memory to equate to what he foresaw would be utilized by the plan he was enacting. Alongside this, he built Networking receivers and transmitters that could be utilized when connecting computers to his Armor and vice versa.
When he finished with the housing, it was on a Kiber lattice, with Electrum wiring, and a Wintrium casing - one barely originating the beginning year of the work as such was sturdy yet nowhere near indestructible. This allowed for a smooth work, and one that then could easily be seen into if damages ever amassed.
Returning now to the clone, he found it had an extensive knowledge of war, and its tactics. Thus he now brought in slicers to have their memories implanted, after which came weapon masters of all varieties. In the event that it would be required, as Zaiden was sure it would, he wanted the A.I. as a useful informant in battle. But alongside this, he brought in his own memories of metallurgy, and armor crafting, combined with mining of rare minerals. He would hopefuly be able to then use the A.I. to be in charge of such expeditions when the time came. Yet it was not simply his own memories of weapon and armor crafting he included, he also explained the deepest knowledge he possessed of being a true Stealther with its uses accompanying its weaknesses.
An exert from Zaiden's Journal:

"The minds of Historians, Warriors, Slicers, even my own pertaining to weapon crafting, and even Stealth. I have begun a Mind that will be of use to myself, truly. Though I doubt any other will ever find as much use as i will."​
Once the mind was properly filled with the knowledge he felt the brain was in need of, he had it scanned down to the fluctuation of neurological pathways. Once this was all mapped out, he transferred it as best as could possibly be achieved by the Master with help from the droids he used, and the Kaminoans! With the amassed intellect, he also accompanied it a personality that was humorous, yet serious when need be, and yet loyal to the letter. In his best moments as a programmer, he had designed a brain that would run as close to that of its Human counterpart; one that could learn, remember, even feel!
All imbedded into Flash Drive, it could be simply plugged into his suits of armor to be of use. Or those onboard computers found on his Speeders, in his Palace, or others. But as well, when in rage of data receiving Networks, he could jack into these without a port thanks to the wireless networking - though without a direct link, his control was limited to simply Intel gathering.
Giving it a test run, Zaiden jacked AIM into his Demon Armor. He found the program ran smoothly, enabling swift connection to anything he needed on the networks already established between Ride, Home, and Suit. From this point, Zaiden contemplated a true body to house the friend he had made!