My heart beat fast, and my shoulder hurt as I clutched it with my left hand. hot blood flowing down my hand as a slugthrower had been shot at me. Rain poured down hard wiping away any sign of the crimson life force within me.

Pop, Pop, pop.

Three more shots were fired at me each hitting around me, but not causing any real harm. Running past a dumpster, I pulled it over to create some kind of barrier for the bounty hunter to try and run past. I huffed and puffed as I ran as fast as any 9 year old could do. As a child I thought that I would not been on a wanted list for thief, vandalism, escaping police custody, assault on a police officer, sabotage, and many more that you think even some great pirates and smugglers could not even get. Let's just say that I had a lucky streak of living.

I turned at a corner and started to run, only to get to a dead end. I turned around as I could hear laughter from a metallic voice. The man, clad in what looked to be a Vitasuit, keeping the man alive after experiencing some kind of near death encounter, I reloaded his slugthrower, as he spoke. "I find it very underwhelming that I am chasing a child. I hope even at your age, you can die with some dignity." he leveled the pistol at me, and through the crinkles in his eyes, I could see he was smiling. I had to get out of here, and by doing so, I would expose myself. But I had to do it.

As I could see his finger pulling the trigger, I jumped. Aided with the powers at my control, I jumped backwards over the wall to land just on the top of the berm. Crouched as though I was some Spiderman from a recent movie I had seen. I smiled at him as he looked up to me with wide eyes. and without saying a word, I let myself fall to the other side.

Two hours later

I swiped an apple from an open vendor as I walked past. taking a bite out of it then stuffing it into my pocket. I made sure that my vibroblade was nicely secured onto my back. Even as a nine year old, I could wield it with some proficiency. Taking a hold of a bar on the near by speeder, I crouched on the bumper of a small cargo speeder to get my way back to my hut. Moving it's way across the city, it was still raining. I dropped off at my stop and smiled.

I had my wound fixed up by an old man who took strays in. He helped people who could not afford to go to the hospital. and even with my rap sheet, he looked at me as though I was his kid. I brought him food, and he would patch me up and give me a back up place to stay. I shrugged off the pain in my shoulder as I walked down the lone alley. rain pelted down on me still. Walking on, I stubbed my toe on something fleshy. looking down I expected it to be another hobo. only I found a bloodied hand. Small and delicate.

They were covered by a box, and when by removing it, I saw a girl, scantly dressed in literally rags that were patched together. She was bleeding all over. So much so, I knew that she was going to die. I took a step back looking at her soft face that was beaten to a pulp. I leaned down and checked her pulse, I knew about that through the old church man, and I could feel a faint sign of life. Small and almost gone. I stood back up and started to walk off. I had regret that the little girl was going to die. but I heard a voice. Soft, sweet to the ears. Yet it was full of power that even gods could not understand. The voice of a person on the verge of death.

"Don't leave me."

I stopped. looking down at her. I could see that her eyes were now open. Fluttering in the rain trying to see who I was. Walking back to her, I grabbed my jacket and placed it over her. I then pulled her over my shoulder, even as she cried out in pain. She knew that it would hurt it I moved her.

I then began to run. Running so fast that I thought that my legs might fall off. When I got her around the corner, I sat her down, and tore off my shirt. Ripping it into shreds and wrapping it around her chest after ripping away her own clothes. Covering the wound with pressure. I then picked her up again. One arm under the crook of her legs, ad the other under her neck. Running the rest of the way to the church house. Saying over and over a series of words that I knew and felt for her.

"Your life is my life, I will not leave you."