Tingel Arm Space
12:50 PM (Shipboard Time)
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Communal lunch had become a standard for the cult even before they had left Dromund Kaas. It was a time for children to get together and play after eating, with their parents and caretakers watching and chatting amongst themselves. It was a time for priests to lecture small groups or have more personal conversations with individual members. It was even a time for Alisteri himself to entertain his people with stories from the war, often sharing the telling of such tales with the few soldiers in the cult. Most importantly though, it was a time for everyone to have something hot to eat. That was a luxury that almost none aboard the ship took for granted.

From soldier to civilian, all knew that any meal was a good one. Something freshly made was a thing to be thankful for, especially in these days when food had to last between trips to friendly space stations. Said stations were becoming fewer and farther between, but moral remained high nonetheless. It almost had to, else the grim situation would bring down the whole crew eventually. Hope and faith were the only two things that the Altorius had in bulk, and everyone knew it.

By now almost everyone had eaten and most had simply moved on to socializing. Usually the crew would return to their posts, but their High Priest had ordered that no one leave the cafeteria just yet. Evidently he had an announcement to make, and when he stepped onto the makeshift stage at the far end of the cafeteria, all eyes were on him and all mouths closed. "My friends, I do hope that your meal was as excellent as mine." The masked man paused, allowing for some idle chatter and comments before he continued. "I do not mean to keep you all from your duties and business so as such I shall do my best to keep this announcement short."

The crowd was ready to hear it, all voices were quiet. The children had already made their way back to their parents and guardians to listen to the word of the Acolyte, one could even hear a feather drop in the silence. "As of today, after my meeting in the darkness only a day ago, I would like to announce plans going forward for us. Not only for those on this ship, but also for all sons and daughters of the Dark Side. What we do now is for everyone, for the people sitting next to you now and for those that long for the return of the Sith who aren't with us yet." There were some murmurs of excitement, whispers of anticipation, but they quieted quickly as he gestured towards the crowd as a whole. "Today, I declare a new tenet for us all to strive for and learn. Tikras, the old Sith word for the faithful. "

"Obviously, as we all know, we have always been open and accepting of any who would join our faith. And of those that would simply wish to support us and join in our family as well of course. However, while there are many that still worship and revere the Dark in old Sith space, there are those that have yet to be introduced to the Sith religion." The crowd gained a mixture of confusion with their anticipation, but no one spoke up or interrupted as Alisteri continued. "We, the faithful, must show the galaxy that the way of the Sith is not an enemy. We must prove that the power and blessings of the Dark Side can belong to anyone, not just the few powerful Sith Lords who have ruled." He opened his arms wide and stepped forward to the edge of the stage. "From this day forward, that is our holy mission. To encompass those that would embrace the Dark, and guide the lost and mistreated to a new beginning with the Sith."

"Now and forever more, the Tikras of the Dark shall be free!"

Altorious Bridge
01:40 PM (Shipboard Time)

"...to that end, we must prepare those that would volunteer and those that can serve for the mission ahead." Alisteri's mask lay on the table that he stood before, his yellow eyes glancing over the gathered 'officials' of the cult. Captain Skep Klar, a couple of the highest priests, and the de facto 'heads' of the militia stared back at him. They had been brought to the bridge right after the announcement, to plan and make preparations for their various tasks that would soon be set in motion. The first phase would be simple, and could be done mostly by the Sith Acolyte himself while the cult prepared for the second. With any luck, and plenty of careful planning, it would all go off without a hitch.

"Secrecy is important, we must not endanger the cult as a whole. Any resistance cells or rebels that we can stir up must be supported for this plan to succeed, but not a single one can trace back to finding the Altorius. I expect this standard to be upheld without fail." His tone left no room for argument or comment, and he received none. "Swaying the populace of the galaxy to our cause will not be simple nor quick. There is much bad blood left by tyrants and heretics that have ruined the name of the Sith, so do your best to keep our true nature somewhat vague until the aspiring cultists can be trusted with the full truth. While I abhor lying to future allies, we can't change what we will be perceived as. Not yet, anyway." By now he had began idly pacing around the end of the table, his steps only seeming to accentuate his words.

"On that note, we must also disguise ourselves and our true intentions from any other Sith forces until I say otherwise. We are the outcasts in our ideology, and I wouldn't put it past some of our more aggressive allies to punish us for it. All contact with Sith must flow through me. No exceptions unless the situation is dire and I am unavailable, then it will flow through the captain instead." There were several nods, as well as one or two confused looks, but he did not pause long enough to allow room for questions. His word would have to be law on that, until he could find Sith that could be trusted. "Our weapon, our shield, our protection will be our false identity and our secrecy. Ensure that all of our expeditions know that."

"And when exactly are we supposed to have all of this prepared?" The Captain asked, standing across the table from the Sith. "Whenever we can, no need to rush and hassle to do things with equipment that we may lack. Until then I'm sure the other Sith will be keeping me busy anyway." A few in attendance nodded and the captain idly tapped on a nearby datapad to note something down. "If that's all then I suppose this meeting is adjourned. I'll see you all for end of the day inspection, dismissed." Everyone offered the Captain and the High Priest a bow or a salute before taking their leave, soon leaving the two alone on the bridge.

"So...I imagine you have questions Captain?"

The Zygerrian's eyes finally met the Sangnir's, a moment of silence reigning between the two key figures within the cult. "I would prefer the term, 'concerns' Haxim." The Sith folded his arms behind his back and nodded, the neutral face of the Captain betrayed by his fierce gaze. "What you want us to do could be the end of us all. If we were to be caught now we could manage to get most of our people out of harms way due to them being civilians, but this?" He lifted the datapad, gesturing to it with his other hand. It was the notes for the plan as a whole, and it had been written by Alisteri himself.

"Infiltrating foreign civilian populaces, indoctrinating them to your way of thinking, having them disrupt the electoral processes, this alone is enough to be considered an act of terrorism at best. This plan would make every single soul aboard this ship an accessory to it. Of course I have questions and concerns!" Alisteri didn't flinch at the yelling, nor when the datapad was thrown down on the table. It was undamaged thankfully. "I understand. I have wrestled with the decision to enact this plan...to even conceive it at all was only done through a realization that disturbed me greatly."

The Captain's gaze narrowed even more. "I politely request that you cease speaking in riddles Haxim. I am not one of your flock, your religious connotations mean nothing to me." The Acolyte clicked his tongue at that, but made no comment on the remark. "Alright fine, I'll skip to the point then." He turned away from the Zygerrian, looking out into the vast abyss of space before them. "At the meeting...I realized that all the same Sith that had weakened and abandoned the Empire would be present in this new one. Vile, treacherous, and just as dangerous to those caught in the crossfire as they are to their adversary. I decided then and there that we were in danger. We are different, we are the 'weak' that they so despise. To rejoin them without caution would be suicide."

"And how does this plan prevent that?" Captain Klar spoke in a slightly less tense manner, having resumed his usual air of calm as he stared at the Sith. "Simple my friend. We make ourselves too valuable to waste." Alisteri turned, placing both of his hands on the table as a slight smile crossed his features. "The powerful Sith have already made plans to infiltrate the various politicians of the galaxy themselves, some of them have already been in a position such as that if word is to be believed. But this thinking betrays what led to the Sith Empire collapsing in the first place. Too much focus on those at the top, and not on those that keep them there."

"What's the point of owning a politician when they can die or get voted out oh so easily? No, to ensure that our will can be carried out we must secure the voters. If we hold the ability to put whoever we want in power, then that fething Worm will have no choice but to make concessions to us. A few extra weapons or ships couldn't hurt to make our point either." He ended his monologue with a satisfied shrug, mirrored by a frown adorning the Captain. "So that's it? We secure our place in the Sith by strong holding the election process?" The unmasked man nodded, prompting the other to stroke his chin in thought. "And what about your...master? What will she know of this little plan of yours? Do you trust her with the lives of everyone here?"

There weren't many questions that made Alisteri genuinely pause to think of an answer.

There were even fewer that kept him silent for almost two minutes. "...She won't know. My life is sworn to her, has been since she became my master. However at such a sensitive and vulnerable stage of our cult, we can't afford to introduce any unknown variables." He didn't even get the last word of the sentence out before the Zygerrian spoke again. "And what if she or some other Sith finds out?"

"Captain, you know of the contingency for if I'm ever captured or killed, and that extends to being hunted as well." The Captain sighed and nodded, picking up the datapad once more. "Alright well I suppose that's...most of my concerns answered then. I'll trust your judgement for now...sir." The Acolyte offer him a smile as he picked up his mask. "Excellent, now if you'll excuse me, I have some expeditions to plan." He made his way around the table and headed for the exit, already redonning his mask by the time he had passed the Zygerrian. "Be careful Haxim, you're playing a dangerous game now."

The Acolyte paused his stride, clicking the mask into place before turning to look back at the Captain. "Oh I'm aware, but don't worry captain."

"Just have a little...faith."

Tingel Arm Space
02:00 PM (Shipboard Time)
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