There is an undeniable pervasiveness of complacency in society. It seems to be one of the most untamable diseases that affects cultures at large. And yet there are the few who break this trend and progress and promote themselves towards a superiority in comparison with their former selves. Strangely, the desire for progress evidently lies in the hearts of all sentient people, and yet the majority submit to the crushing contentment that perpetuates the status quo. It is clear that this is not intentional, or why would people set goals? There is clearly a desire to achieve that is constricted by some absence of urgency.
The most effective way to combat complacency is the common enemy. When the sentient people are universally united against one force of opposition--be that the fear of attack, the decay of tradition, or the loss of knowledge--then can they truly collaborate unhindered and undeterred for the sake of progress. One does not choose to live for morose stagnation. The nation--and therefore the people of the nation--benefits in the face of a singular enemy.
Progress is accomplished for each sentient person when all sentient persons are mutually in pursuit of and in step with the clear objective. They must slay the everlasting beast together.

- Viola Tave