Silver Rest, Kashyyyk

By the democracy they lived by, it had been decided. The studious Jedi Master had earned the respect of those she worked and lived with and with it she had been afforded the rank of Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi.

Having come from a poor family on Thustra, she felt honoured to have the opportunity to join the Jedi and had always excelled due in part to her natural abilities but largely her inquisitive nature and drive to better herself had led her to this moment. She may have had a non-assuming appearance but beneath her youthful features she hid wisdom beyond her years.

It had not been a public affair but an internal matter for the Silver Jedi Order as they ceremoniously ascended one of their Masters into her new role. It was a ceremony that shared much of its similarities with the ceremonies of Padawans and Knights, only there were more people present. After its conclusion, she would step outside to address the Jedi at the Silver Rest in her first official statement.

It would not be an unfamiliar sight to the Concord, many of whom had watched the Jedi address them over the years as a diplomat. This time, however, was different. She spoke with a new air of confidence. A sense of authority.

"Jedi." She paused. "We are in trying times. This war has plagued our galaxy and our minds but remain steadfast. Do not lose hope. We will bring an end to this war and restore lost worlds. The people we lost along the way will not fall in vain."

"In order to launch our full military efforts on the Bryn, we need to have focus and clarity but we should also remember not to become complacent. A battle won is not a war won. We cannot allow our achievements to blind our judgement. We must be realistic."

"It is for this reason that should the Bryn'adul close in on Kashyyyk further then I will be issuing the order for all Younglings and Padawans with less than five years of experience to be evacuated off-world to Reytha where we can ensure their safety."

There were whispers of confusion and tension within the Force.

"This does not mean the war is lost. The time to strike back is now and we cannot be caught unprepared. We owe it to the children and the future to protect them and we can't make that promise if the Bryn arrive at our doorstep."

"For now, we stand together with each other and with our allies to ensure this order does not become a reality."

"Fight with courage, Jedi."