With Winter Holiday Decor flooding the senses, it got me thinking about snowflakes.
So, before we begin, I'm not calling any one person out. I'm a social scientist by training, and Chaos is my trailer park study area.
What I see on the site is a lot of good writers. A lot of people who get involved and attached to their character stories. I mean, isn't that why we're here? To escape? Sure, it turns into flaming hate wars against other 'groups' of writers.
But even between the groups, there seems to be a situation of being snowflakes. Needing to have the best toys, or the most prestigious shiny from canon, or the best title. Sure, we play the heroes of our respective factions, but that's everyone playing the heroes. So, I suppose its this. What is the reason behind the need to be top kick?
Your alt is already light years ahead of the red-shirt Jon Smith and Michael Hunts of the worlds. I look at my alts, sure I am a crappy writer, as is the title of the blog, and I'm okay with that, but so many people seemed unable to fathom that I didn't make Coren the Supreme Commander of the Alliance. Sure, he holds a rank of 'Commander' but that's just and advisory role. His actual rank is 'captain.' Anything else would put him at level 100, he'd be a Mary Sue and I might as well write him having an SSD at his beck and call and the ability to throw mountains through blackholes to hit someone for Crit Damage on a natural 20 at all times.
It'd be like him owning the Falcon, the premiere starship of the fandom, it would lessen him as a character because he'd never be able to step into Solo's role. And it'd lessen the collective concept of Han Solo, that belongs to all writers, by sullying the Millenium Falcon.
So, again, don't flame bomb each other, His Noodly Appendage understands if we want that, we can just start another invasion, but is it really that important to the story, and to being "better" than other writers, for the best toys, the most prestigious positions, and the biggest claims to the collective concepts of Star Wars?