Welcome to BuzzFirst, the unofficial First Order propaganda holosite, bringing you all the hottest topics this side of the Outer Rim! As our loyal sons scorch across space turning the galaxy map black, we here at BuzzFirst thought it would only be appropriate to use our inaugural listicle to methodically list why the First Order is the greatest faction in the galaxy! So, without further ado, here are...

5 Reasons Why First Order Is Best Order

5. #Winning

That's a nice Mustafar you have there. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it...

All your planets are belong to us. If not yet, they will soon. Everyone knows that your puny defense forces stand no chance against the full might of the First Order military, as our white-clad warriors march victoriously across the galaxy, claiming planets for the Supreme Leader. In the words of our late progenitor Emperor Palpatine, "It is unavoidable." So hold onto your butts.
4. No Filthy Aliens

Don't these faces make you feel right at home? I can't imagine all the enrichment that is about to happen here.

Nobody likes aliens. Nobody. Fortunately, grotesque Hutt crime rings and Weequay slum neighborhoods are no cause for concern among First Order citizens, who have the benefit of actually living in a homogeneous and cohesive society. We don't need to invite 5 million Quarren to our planets to enjoy Mon Calamari seafood recipes. That's what the Holonet is for. Speaking of clean neighborhoods...
3. We Have The Most Beautiful Cities

So clean, you could eat off the floor here. Trust me. I've done it.

Maybe it's because we shipped off all our undesirables, but no city in the galaxy rivals the breathtaking beauty of the First Order's capital, Avalonia. Why go to Coruscant when you can have all the amenities of a major galactic city, minus the crime-ridden polluted hellscape?
2. We Have The Best Nightlife and Music


What do you do when you're in one of the First Order's many breathtaking cities? Go to one of the many synthwave clubs, of course. Sit back and enjoy a drink while hot synth-tastic tunes flow through your body and give a heartbeat to the nightclub. The galaxy's coolest musical genre started right here in the First Order. It hasn't seemed to catch on yet outside of First Order space, but when the entire map turns black it might just become the official pop music of the entire galaxy. Prepare yourself.
1. A E S T H E T I C

Such symmetry. Much order.

We stand in straight lines and formations better than anyone else. This is just an undisputable fact.

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