Appropriate GIF. Hi readers! (Or myself, if nobody actually reads this. Boo self-esteem killer.) I've been here for about 3 months now. It kind of feels like an eternity. I've met some really really awesome people and shared a lot of laughs already with so many of you. I am super grateful to have been welcome in here so quickly and easily. My biggest worry when I first joined was being that awkward person who ended up RPing alone and then leaving a week later embarrassed at my awful attempt at writing. I am not sure if this was caused by my anxiety of stepping into a world of elitist Star Wars fanatics where people know exponentially more about Star Wars than I, having seen only the movies and The Clone Wars cartoon. I've not seen Rebels, read any books or comic books, and potentially facing that kind of " Well you're not a real fan if you haven't seen X or done X. "

So I wanted to officially thank everyone who made these first three months really something great.

I always feel tacky and weird if I personally thank people, so I will simply say that I am incredibly grateful for everyone I've shared a thread/story/post with. I really love seeing the unexpected twists and such that other people come up with. To me, it's more about the surprise of another writers actions than it is about what I personally want to write. That's what really keeps me motivated, to see what other people choose to do, and how their characters respond to situations. I for one love the invasion threads, where I can read each individual's own perspective and situations which come together into one huge event. Despite some of their glaring issues (That can likely be worked out as time goes on), they are my favorite thing about Chaos and I hope to be able to participate in many more down the line. That doesn't mean I am eager for one this month, Sithies ;)

Soooooo yes. Once again, thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome and a part of the community. It has been fun. That's all I have for you today.