Tristan or Darth Revik named by his former master sat in his room almost naked in boxers crossed legged mediating like he always did painful memories flashing though his mind of his mothers last words and her death the memories are so vivid even after 2 weeks sighing calling on the force pulling his elegantly crafted lightsaber into his palm wrapping his fingers around the firm smooth handle closing his eyes once again he uses the force holding the lightsaber in front of him slowly taking the sabers components apart including the chrome brass covered sink drain, the handle cover and a course the red crystal he holds the components about 3 inches away from each other for about 4 min quickly putting it back together the parts twisting turning and fitting inside one another perfectly he holds the lightsaber in front of him for another minute before letting go dropping it into his hand he getting up his red skin standing out among the white walls and floors of his mothers ship a fury class imperial interceptor with 7 normal sized rooms including the cock pit and one large training room .he walks into the main room lightsaber in hand the main room had a large sized comm link terminal in the middle of the room. he walks across the room into the hallway walking past 2 across from each other and another pair going into the one on the left reviling 20 white training droids some bigger or smaller than others but all similar to the look of PROXY except with flat cylinder shaped heads with one eye in the center before doing another thing he takes his black dreadlocks from the pony tail they where in shaking his head running his hands though them , he walks to a small terminal typing for a few secs taping it backing away from the terminal activating his lightsaber holding it in a soresu form stance as the droids come to live the eyes glowing red, 4 small droids with blaster come forward firing at a medium rate of fire at Tristan he easily deflects the bolts in random directions one hitting one of the droids in the middle he moves closer the droids still blasting and Tristan still deflecting the bolts another being hit has he keeps slowly moving closer to the 2 remaining droids like the others another falls by its own bolts has the lone droid fires Tristan is Pratley right in the droids face Tristan slash upwards cutting the droids blaster arm off quickly following up with a deep one handed impale into the droids body sating there for 4 secs then pulling out the droid it falling floor dead Tristan deactivates his light saber walking to the terminal about to order in new droids to train with before he can red lights flash as a alarm goes off Tristan runs out the training room ideas of what could be wrong racing though his mind............... TO BE COUNTIED