Congratulations honored recipient,

You have been selected for personal invitation to the 1st Royal Open hosted by His Majesty the Sovereign Prince Athriel of Horizon's Crown either due to your notable combat prowess or reputation. Included with this dispatch are the coordinates for arrival to Horizon's Crown as well as exclusive docking credentials for priority landing. The 1st Royal Open will be broadcast over the Holonet as it unfolds in real-time within the Royal Dueling Courts (RDC). This state-of-the-art facility features suppression fields that inhibit the ability for weapons of all kinds to provide lethal harm to the contestants. Armor, weaponry, and other accessories will not be furnished by the RDC though basic medical assistance, should it be required, will be covered in your entry fee of 1,200 credits. If you are receiving this as an adviser, agent, or handler to the contestant know that all wagers are legal. Officially placed wagers entered into the RDC system will be taxed at 1%. Further the grand prize will consist of all contestant entry fees minus the RDC Fund which is 10% of the grand total of all entry fees. Display this invitation for entry to and accommodations for the Village of the Honored.

With great anticipation we await your entry.

OOC: Please reply to this article for which character you would be interested in entering.