So I start my blog with an awful idea I had on a lunch. A friend and I went for a coffee (well tea really) and she's a fan of Star Wars so I thought I would do a little recruiting.

Somehow or other this conversation turned to Jabba's Palace and the aliens there. During this discussion we ended up talking a lot about the mighty Chevin. I mentioned that I really hadn't seen a single Chevin on here. This saddened part of me that loves the weird and somewhat grotesque.

After another drink we moved on the conversation but the seed had been planted, all I had to do now was wait for an idea to bloom.

The brainwave finally arrived in a manner common to most of my best and worst thoughts. Mid shower I find that I stop really thinking and my mind tends to wander, it's always been this way. I lose track and I just let my thoughts meander down whatever path they with to take.

That time they showed me Kevin.

Kevin the Chevin, Cyberborg Chevin Hitman, ace robotics expert. As skiled with a technogadget as he is with the Ladies..

His family were brutally killed by poachers for their beautiful ivory Chevin teeth and now hes out for revenge and sympathy.

His preferred method of killing?

Fridge to the head, dropped from the back of a white transport-speeder. He calls himself the removals man.

So there we are, my first offering of terrible character concepts or NPCs. Will he ever see play as a PC? I really hope not. An NPC? Sure I could see that.