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Yzhan Tu

Yzhan Tu

Yzhan Tu
"It is wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see"
-Yzhan Tu
Words have started terrible strife that has torn the world apart;
Words have healed and comforted many a despondent heart.
Pleasing words are better spoken and received by old and young,
Rather than abrasive words of venom, spewed by acidic tongue!

Words of hope are always welcomed by friends who are down,
Easing their burdens and erasing that worrisome frown.
A daily hug and words of love to those of family dear,
Will return a hundredfold the words you’d love to hear!

When loss of friends is keenly felt and words are hard to find,
With dear ones perhaps ’tis best just to sit with hands entwined.
For a job well done, ’tis good to hear meaningful words of praise,
Encouraging words, not just trite and empty phrase!

‘Twould be well for kids to hear the words the Master taught,
To gird them for their earthly trek with temptations fraught.
Mere poets will ne’er attain the homage afforded David’s Psalms;
His words flow like honey, as soothing as an air of Brahms!

Plans will surely go awry should words be misconstrued;
Consternation and confusion will reign, ’tis easy to conclude.
‘Tis well to remember that words spoken cannot be retrieved;
Maybe ‘twould be best to curb the tongue, lest others be aggrieved!​

Name: Yzhan Tu
Alias: None
Nickname: None
Species: Unknown
Age: 87
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 200 kg
Hair: Black and White fur covering his entire body
Skin: Black and White fur covering his entire body
Gender: Male
Faction: The Horde
Rank: Templar Aspirant
Force Sensitive: Yes
Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ Honor
+ Courage
- Technology
- Education
+ Reading
+ Runes
- Piloting
- Modern Weaponry
+ Old Weaponry
+ Wisdom
Wooden Quarterstaff
Ship: N/A
The story of Yzan Tu begins 87 years ago with the birth of himself and his twin sister, who died with his mother during child birth. Yzan's father went completely insane after that and committed suicide, Yzan left very small, very venerable against the harsh open world. So when the master of the Martial Arts academy, Nuldura Must.

Yzan lived a very healthy and happy lifestyle with Nuldura, but soon his race was introduced to the war between the Sith and the Jedi, Yzhan escaped and soon joined the CIS and became a Templar Aspirant, but that didn't work out so he went away to join the horde, keeping his force rank.
Bounties Collected:


A Panda Bear
Peter Panda and his Lackeys

Yzhan Tu

What maniac things do you want me to do... my king @[member="High Prophet Dredge"]


Kneel Before Zod
@[member="Yzhan Tu"] oh you know the normal stuff, burn the galaxy destroy worlds and help repopulate the world we conquer with our races. You know basic stuff like that and occasionally reloading the copy machine with new paper


Kneel Before Zod
Just because someone tents their fingers and glides backwards evily doesn't mean they are gone. But yes it is good to have you with us my brother. What are you? @[member="Yzhan Tu"]

Darth Torment

@[member="Yzhan Tu"] welcome to the board and possibly The Horde, like your character.. and if you need someone to teach you the force I can help. :)

Atlas Kane

[SIZE=large]Guess what I'll do.[/SIZE]
@[member="High Prophet Dredge"]​


Kneel Before Zod
@[member="Yasuo"] *time portals you during the last second to the future then plays rad theme song*