Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Update! 23Mar2017

[member="Myles Vylumnar"]​
[member="Benedict Rotadaria"]​
[member="Celty Ree"]​
[member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"]​
[member="Macoda Haberon"]​
[member="Bethany Tal'verda"]​
[member="Lt. Sage"]​
[member="Andy Rodarch"]​
Well crew!​
I've had quite a few beers as I’m writing this in true Pirate fashion!​
Managed to get some sweet graphics done for our banner. Very Starwarsish, which I am tooting my own horn here, I love.​
What we need now from our graphics folks is Rank titles if ya would. I'm betting each Pirate Crew registered in the codex would like one.​
In addition be creative! I've been thinking of implementing a three tier system to reward those that RP the most with us. What do you think?​
Putting up two new threads as we speak, so stay tuned!​

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