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The Azure Depths [Haelic]


Recent delving into the Expeditionary Library has brought something to the attention of Marina. Certain entries were blocked to her despite her high level access. She needed to investigate further, but did not know where to start. She eventually turned to contacts she still had in the Core Worlds who closely worked with her old friend, @Sokrai Ronaro. Marina awaited her contact in Csalpar, capital of Csilla. Once the contact made it there, they were brought to where Marina awaited them.

"Firstly, I'd like to thank you for coming on such short notice. I had no one else to turn to for information. Especially for what I've discovered as it seems not even I have the clearance for this. If you have any information, please share it."

"I could not say no to a friend, Marina. However, the information you seek is much more complicated than you think. There's a reason why those records have been blacked out. Have you heard of the Azure Depths?"

"Only stories from crazy theorists . Is that what this is about?"

"Indeed. Some centuries ago, a league of curious Chiss scientists, not so unlike yourself, went digging. They dug and dug and dug. And they found it."

"They found the Azure Depths? Impossible."

"Impossible? No. Improbable? Yes. It only took the right amount of dedication mixed with a dash of obsession. But, there was a complication with the expedition."

"What kind of complication?"

"The kind that make most of the team not make it back and the rest utterly insane."

"Oh, that kind of complication. Do we know what was down there? Where are the scientists that made it back?"

"Nobody knows. When they got back, the previous Aristocra had the locked away in a black site. No one knows their location."

"So, do we know where they were digging?"

"No, but I have a lead. Something to get you on the right track, but, I must warn you-"

"That'll be all, my friend. You can speak with my people about what we'll need and where we're going. I have other preparations to make."

A trooper came and escorted Marina's contact from her office. She sat there, looking down at her desk at the many datapads with what limited information the Ascendancy had on the Azure Depths. She was not expecting any of this when she first started looking into the archives. The Azure Depths, a legend among the chiss, a place of mythological beauty that was lost during the ice age of 5000 BBY. And now, Marina had uncovered it once more. However, if the stories of the last expedition had any merit to them, she would need help.

"Get me the Commandos."



Self-Imposed Exiled
Standing within the training facility of the Chiss Commandos was the somewhat hulking figure of Mitth'aeli'corun, more commonly refered to as Haelic by those who found the name difficult to speak, and even at times by his subbordanants within his squad, however such was excused as it was difficult to let out too many syllibles whilst be shoved through dangerous training. Whilst the fully armoured commando sergeant looked onwards at the training of a new bunch of wannabe soldiers, a messanger garnered his attention for the moment.

"Sergeant, you are being summoned." the man said with authority within his tone, holding forth a datapad which held the information of the location and time he was to arrive.

Haelic gave the man a simple nod before turning his back on him and letting out a heavy sigh, before marching towards his messhall. Whilst those around him could not see within his helmet, the sergeant had a smile upon his face and was ready to step out of the training grounds and into a real situation, perhaps a meeting with a higher-up was not to be considered as a 'real situation' but he has been here long enough to know that often times this tends to spark interesting outcomes. Finally as he arrived to the messhall, his squad all came to attention and all looked in Haelic's direction.

"We have a mission, I am to meet Dachi'marina'kuhn within her office, I will have transport and our mess situated whilst I go on ahead. You are all to be ready within thirty minutes. Dismissed." as soon as the last word was commanded, all twelve Commando's slammed their boots together and rushed off in an ordely way to get ready.

Haelic didn't make any acknowledgement or approval of their actions, the approval will be from a job well done and their acknowledgement will be given to them by their fellow commandos after the mission has been a success. The sergeant marched off and met back up with the messanger, who led him to a waiting transport ship and flew off to meet with Marina. The trip was not as long as he had expected, as in no time was he being escorted towards Marina's office, and as the door was knocked, and opened, Haelic entered the room and stood at attention before immediately saluting.

"Mitth'aeli'corun, Sergeant of the Commando Squadron Alpha." the armoured man then lowered his salute, but remained at attention till told otherwise.



Marina looked up from a datapad she was reading over. "At ease, sergeant." She rose from her seat behind her desk and stood with her hands firmly planted on her desk as she leaned forward. "Do you know why I summoned you?" Marina gave her assistant a look to which she responded with a nod. The assistant stepped out of the room and returned to her desk. Behind her, the door to Marina's office closed and locked.

"Allow me to get you up to speed, sergeant. Have a seat."

Once Haelic had taken as eat in front of Marina's desk, she pressed a button on her desk which revealed a hologram of Csilla. "Have you heard of the legend of the Azure Depths? The mystical place of Chiss legend known to be a paradise but was lost to the ice age our planet had suffered a long time ago?" Marina motioned her hand before the hologram which caused it to zoom in on a location on the far side of the planet from where they were located. "I've recently come across information regarding the whereabouts of the Azure Depths. I'm getting a team of my people together and, if the reports are accurate, we will need security detail. That is where you and the commandos come in."

Marina waved her hand once more, causing the hologram to disappear. "Can I count on you, Sergeant Mitth'aeli'corun?"