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Approved Tech Technomancer Series Gloves

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  • Intent: Create a set of gloves that allow easier slicing and better usage of foreign weapons
  • Image Source: Knox Handroid Motocycle Glove
  • Canon Link: SureGrip Gloves, Automation Gloves,
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Cerberus Enterprise
  • Model: Technomancer Series Gloves
  • Affiliation: Cerberus Enterprise, and subsequent customers.
  • Modularity: Limited, Added to armor/HUD systems, and color.
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
  • Synthetic Leather,
  • Copper,
  • Electrical systems
  • Plastics

  • Classification: Other
  • Weight: 1kg per set.
  • Quality: 2
  • Altered with the force, and technology to allow a much easier connection to electrical systems.
  • Aids with slicing devices, and Slicer technology.
  • Provides information on otherwise "unknown" weapons and technology.
Altered with the force, and having some technology systems incorporated into the gloves, They are connected to any HUD system, or series of glasses. Using the HUD as the interface, One can have an easier time connecting to other electrical systems. Need to access a door panel? A simple touch, and it allows you access to it. This applies to most technology allowing the user to pick up a foreign weapon, or other technology based device, and the HUD will update with the functions on the weapon.

  • Grants limited usage of Technometry Force power.
  • Connects to just about any HUD system.
Weaknesses :
  • Hardly provides any protection. At best, it could take a blaster shot, Or protect from scraping hands.
  • It only aids in the usage of slicing technology. It does not replace it.
  • While it may allow you to access electrical systems, it does not turn off warning systems, or slice/hack the item itself. Only allows you to access the necessary items to do so.
  • The HUD can update with weapon functions, but doesn't work with non-technology weapons such as Swords, and Bows.
  • Requires physical contact with item to be updated on its functions, or allow access.
With so much technology around, and already making various items that increase the wearers capabilities with the weapon, Cerberus has decided to take a step in technology to alter a glove to aid in the use of technological systems, accessing various systems, and provide a "hint" system to allow one to pick up just about any weapon, and learn of its technology, and what kind of weapon it is.

While it may aid in technology, and slicing operations, It does not replace slicing or hacking systems alone. As a simple HUD or glasses system does not have the power to slice. An example would be touching a door panel. The panel allows for one to access it if it would otherwise be locked, but does not shut down alarm systems of a break in, or actually perform slicing. Another example would be the ability to access a datapad, but it won't be able to access encrypted files. Systems that can be accessed would be other armors, Droids, Ship Systems, etc.

A secondary function of the gloves allows the user to pick up a weapon of unknown design, and have their HUD alert them as to what it is, what functions on it, and what parts are where. For example, A person would pick up a weapon, and would inform them as to where the trigger, Magazine/energy cell are, the releases for both mentioned, sights, Scopes, and what kind of weapon it is ranging from Slugthrower, Scattershot, Blaster, Ion, Etc. However, it is not privy to weapons that are not technology based. An example would be picking up a Vibrosword, and a Sith sword/Force Imbued weapon. The Vibrosword would be identified, but the other would not.

As these are gloves, they require physical contact with said weapon, or technology based systems.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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