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Talasean Knights


Albion was still very much in development, but the first foundations of the new Republic were being laid now. The bulk of the populace still lived aboard the migrant fleet of warships dispersed throughout the system, but there now a few communities springing up on the surface as more of the land became habitable.

Gradually, Suravi found herself slipping back into the role of administrator and statesman as her focus had shifted from mere survival to actual rebuilding to see her people flourish. It only served to advance her true goals by throwing on the old hat of a politician once more.

As knowledge of her project became more widespread, all sorts of messages began trickling through her office (still based on her flagship). It was a mixed bag of positive and negative content, ranging from party invitations to threats.

One of the latest messages had come to her direct from a Cattora Valentinan. Records had identified her as a former member of the old Galactic Senate, well before her time in office, so she decided to give the message a listen and see what Ms. Valentainan wanted from her.

[member="Cattora Valentinian"]
[member="Suravi Teigra"]
The Talasian Government grew more and more corrupt by each passing day. Ever since the Republic fell, the politicians had been gaining more corruption as they have ever been. Eventually, the Sith took power, and for the first time in memory, free speech had became a thing of the past. It was official, Talasea was dying, just like it was back in the apartheid days. This was the que for Cattora to at last speak out this dying government. The holo recording was following her escape from Talasea and being arrested by the local authorities, namely, this message was towards the new Republic that was going to arise.
"To the Republic that which shall rise from the ashes, and the supposed remnant of the Republic
Talasea is in ruin, corrupt and blightened by the new government that had taken power around here. Each day, more and more freedoms are suppressed, and without guidance from a united Republic, I fear that soon, the planet will fall under control of a similar system that was in place all those years ago. The corruption that I had pointed out was not heard and delivered lightly. And now, here I am, on the run, away from my own country for fighting for my own people. Deemed as a traitor, and a possible domestic terrorist, I am now seeking asylum away from these crazed lunatics.
My hopes is that this message is received to the one who is in Albion, whom I heard that a new Republic is arising to help take it's place. I urge of you to accept me into the ranks that is the Republic, and hopefully, I can discuss this matter further with you. And together, we can liberate Talasea from the evil that is plaguing it. We Talasians had believed in democracy for over a thousand years, and had been apart of every republic that had came to existence, and I hope that once we are liberated, we can enjoy such freedoms again, in a newly formed government.
I hope to seek your assistance soon. May the force be with you. Always."
With that, Cattora turned off the recording and had it sent towards Albion, hoping to have reach whoever was incharge. Glancing out of her ship, the former senator awaited to hear a response, in hopes that she could communicate with this person. If what this contact on the planet said was true, then it's possible that Suravi Teigra was still alive, and survived the Sith attacks. Though she highly doubt it. Who knows where the remnants of the Republic went? They all scattered like winds and dust, some joining other factions, some joining that... Justicar alliance. But Cattora has not given up hope. She will never give up hope.

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