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LFG Single Sephi looking for threads in your neighbourhood: The Sequel

Hey hey,

It’s certainly been a while, but some recent releases like The Acolyte and The Living Force made me want to write in this setting again. I’m horribly out of touch with whatever’s been going on here though, so I’m hoping someone can bring me up to speed both IC and OOC.

With all that said, I’m looking to start two or three threads and figure out where Sakadi fits in nowadays. Writing with fellow Jedi would therefore be preferable, but anything goes really. Here’s some info on her for those who’d like to get acquainted, although it seems like all the images in her profile broke (tbh what did I expect after two years).

So uhhh hit me up and/or see you around???
Sakadi Marathi Sinvala Sakadi Marathi Sinvala

Off the top of my head:
  • The Silver Jedi Order died. Most writers either left the site or joined the NJO. Technically Matsu Ike Matsu Ike is in charge of it now, she literally picked up the Silver Rest and moved it to space or another dimension or something?
  • NJO is no longer under the control of Ryv and co., having passed to Valery Noble Valery Noble who is also the current head of the GA.
  • Ryv (well, his son Kyric Kyric bc Ryv is dead actually) and his gang recently returned to man a minor faction called the Lightsworn, they're apparently going to commit war crimes like last time.
  • Ashlan Crusade died, members either joined the GA or went Dark.
  • Amani Serys Amani Serys runs the Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave. She is married to Alicio Organa Alicio Organa , the new King of Alderaan. He's also their Senator.
  • Romi Jade Romi Jade is still around occasionally with the Jakku Jedi Enclave.
  • Laertia has kinda gone quiet, writer mostly mains Nathan Bloodscrawl Nathan Bloodscrawl now.
  • NIO and Confederacy both died, members scattered between Sith and GA.
  • I don't remember who we were fighting when you left, I think it was the Bryn'adul? They were defeated, so was the Sith Empire. There was a Second Great Hyperspace War against this Sith faction called the Brotherhood of the Maw, the good guys won but some planets got blown up.
  • Staff introduced a new mechanic called Annihilations which allows planets to be blown up. Cthilla, Pantora, and Exegol have been destroyed so far.
  • There are two Sith majors: the Sith Order, which is more or less descended from the Sith Empire/Sith Eternal/etc., and the Dark Empire which is descended from the Brotherhood of the Maw. GA is at war with DE, I think the SO is at war with Mandalorians?
  • Speaking of, there was a brief war between the GA and a Mando faction earlier this year.
  • Changes were made to the Factory and soon will be made to the Codex.
  • The broken images are probably because Discord stopped hosting images, but there are ways to get the pictures back (though you'll still have to upload them to Imgur or similar image sharing sites).
It's nice to see you again. I remember you being pretty chill. I write like 5 Jedi rn and all of them are at your disposal, depending on what you'd like to RP.
Thank you for that recap Starlin Rand Starlin Rand , you're amazing. I'm happy to see so many replies too! I'll be trying to get to everyone. As far as a good starting point goes, I like what the NJO is preaching. I'd love to interact with the Lightsworn too though, I had a good time writing back when the NJO/SJC tensions were a thing.

As for now, Valery Noble Valery Noble and Amani Serys Amani Serys would you be up for it to help me re-establish Sakadi? I've already got some plot ideas of what she could be doing at the moment, and I think they'd fit in well!

Starlin Rand Starlin Rand , Dreidi Xeraic Dreidi Xeraic , and Ran Serys Ran Serys , are you people up for a mission anytime soon? I've got some fun ideas, I think

Phobos Phobos I'll dm you soon, maybe we can work something out?

Junko Ike Junko Ike we could talk IC about the state of the SJC sometime? Although Sakadi's a bit out of the picture, I've always written her as quite opinionated so I'm sure we could make that work!

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