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Approved Location SIN Arenas

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Designed to be an arena open to the public, the SIN Arenas have four different entry points at the North, South, East, and West of the structure. These entrances are secured, though most are able to easily go inside. Of course the Arena's themselves are all built within the middle of major population centers. Though they are not placed directly in downtown areas, they are close enough that attending the arenas is not difficult.
  • Security:
As one might expect, the SIN Arena's aren't really built to stand up to a siege.

Though every entrance has security staff, cameras, and of course gates, the building itself isn't really meant to be defended or fought inside. Security measures are only in place to keep the crowd safe and keep everyone from beating one another up. There are a few other safety features such as Durasteel gates and the like over certain shops, but these are just standard retail protections in order to keep products safe.
  • Description:
The SIN Arena's are a collaborative effort between SIN Incorporated and the Mandalorian Empire to build a place of both entertainment, and training.

Though simple in outward appearance, the SIN Arena's are actually rather complex entertainment facilities. The very central point of these arenas is of course the main fighting ring, a stadium that is capable of shifting and changing to suite the needs of the combatants, giving fighters a challenge and offering a unique view into the world of shockboxing. Of course the Arena's themselves are outfitted with the most modern technologies and safety equipments.

Everyone that fights within the Arena's is either a paid fighter or volunteer, the latter coming into play on 'bendunday Fight Nights' where Audience members are allowed to participate in an organized fashion. These fight nights are a favorite within the Empire, and allow soldiers and warriors to test themselves against professional shockboxers who are well worth their weight in aurodium.

All in all, the SIN Arena's are highly advanced, highly entertaining centers of commerce and joy newly dotted throughout the Mandalorian Empire.

Stands: Located all around the actual arena, the Stands are where the crowd is located. Though in most arena's the stands would be simply plastic chairs with little to no amenities, in SIN Arena they are somewhat different. Seating comes in three tiers, standard, deluxe, and of course VIP. Standard seating is a series of normal duraplas chairs, but with a twist, each chair having it's own holo-projector to closely display stats and information on the fight.

The Deluxe and VIP sections are of course a bit different. Deluxe seating is located closer to the ring itself and is sectioned off in small 'rows' of four seats. These chairs are made of nerf leather, are far more comfortable, and contain several other small amenities that make them well worth their price.

The VIP sections are of course 'boxes' that one can purchase and offer the best view of the arenas. The VIP section is fully staffed by a waiter and concierge, getting anything the residents might want.

Fighting Pit: Located at the very center of the Arena, the fighting pit is where the action happens.

​Though fully capable of simply becoming a standard fighting arena, the Pit is capable of changing and rearranging itself to become a far more divergent and interesting stage. Capable of creating holographic landscapes, changing terrain, and altering itself in a myriad of simplistic fashions the fighting pit is able to create a 'stage' upon which the shockboxers are able to operate and fight upon.

These unique transitions offer new excitements on the daily fights.

Of course for the most important fights the stage reverts to a simplistic, plain fighting pit, allowing the fighters to truly test their mettle and show what they are made of.

Training Area: Directly beneath the three Arena's is the other component that makes these structures so important. As part of the deal with the Mandalorian Empire, SIN created 'training' centers that are open to both the public and professionals. These training centers hold a host of equipment as well as instructors and other important pieces that allow people to train to become better warriors.

Each of these Centers are located directly beneath the arena, and although tightly controlled are open to all.

An important facet, the Training Areas give the public a sense of community, giving them insight into how the Arena's operate and allowing even the youngest of the Empire to participate and train in a great sport.

As SIN continues it's expansion both commercially and economically, it has become more and more aware that it requires open ended businesses.

These smaller, and more influential assets are not intended to be as wildly profitable as some of the other ventures that SIN undertakes, but are instead designed to create an atmosphere of corporate transparency and advertising. This comes from the notion of the companies expansion into the larger trades, and eventually the conclusion was made that SIN would have to expand into other areas with a 'friendlier' face.

The decision was made, and within a few weeks the company reached out with a proposal to the Mandalorian Empire.

Answered by [member="Kaine Australis"] SIN and the Empire made a deal.

The results of this pact was the creation of the SIN Arenas. These structures were relatively simplistic in design, crafted to be centers of community, commerce, and entertainment. The Arenas themselves would host shockboxing fights and allow people to attend them for moderate fair rates. They would also function as training centers for warriors and become something truly unique to only the Empire itself.

SIN Arena's are not features of blood sport, they are designed to be a friendly environment, putting forth a sport for entertainment purposes while also showing the skill involved.
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