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my character

night hughes

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Gender: male

name night hughes

Age: 25

Race: human

Home planet: Mustafar

Personality: claim and collected

Weapons: black ccurvedhandle lightsaber, green light whip with light saber resisting metal

Force ability: force lightning, pryo force, force sheild, (that ability that makes you blind in) and can control the wipes with the force

Side of the force: grey jedi

Likes: getting what he wants

Dislikes: petty siths

Bio: born in the fire planet mustafar and born from a couple of black smiths the couple didnt want to tech him the way of the force or find him a master but at a young age he went away and teached himself in the way of both the dark side and the light, at the age of 18 he went to work in a steel factory, one day there was a accent and he saved his co workers with his force powers his powers being exposed, he needed to leave the planet, his perents gives him his comost made black saber and green whipe he left the planet and found work as a bounty hunter for both sides of the force
(This is around the death star time)
(Is this ok btw?)

Tanith Alde

Your Highness
[member="night hughes"]

Well, we play around the time 800 ABY, and you have to start at the lowest rank unless you're importing from off site.

Other than that, you don't need a character approved before you can use em.

Vora Kaar

In the Cold
night hughes said:
pryo force

night hughes said:
that ability that makes you blind in
I assume you mean blend, and that would be Force Cloak.

night hughes said:
can control the wipes with the force
Not sure what you mean here.

As for your bio, link I am providing should give you a general setup that you can use. Copy and paste it into this, and then just fill it out from there.

night hughes

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[member="Zephyr Carrick"] as in control the way they move like use the force to make it into one blade or go straight forward
yes i meant blend