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Approved Starship Massassi-class Corvette

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  • Intent: To create a heavy corvette for the Sith Empire capable of quickly eliminating anti-fighter corvettes and frigates so heavy bombers can engage larger enemy ships.
  • Image Source: http://media.moddb.c...72/fs2nexus.jpg
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Corvette
  • Length: 200m
  • Width: 50m
  • Height: 125m
  • Armament:
SBeam Light Beam Cannon (1)
Rapid-Fire Ordnance Launcher (1)
Heavy Plasma Cannons
Composite Beam Lasers (4)
  • Defenses: Moderate
​Standard Deflector Shields
Cap Drain
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Class 1(Primary), Class 10(Secondary)

Power Systems
  • 1.25:1 Ratio Matter-Antimatter Reactor(1)
  • Fusion Reactor(1, power for secondary hyperdrive)
Communication Systems
  • Communication Wave De-scrambler
  • Encryption Module
  • Frequency Jammer
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Hyperwave Transceiver
  • Ranger Transceiver
  • Subspace Transceiver
Propulsion Systems
  • ​Ion Drive
  • Maneuvering Jets
Environmental Systems:
  • Artificial Gravity
  • Brig
  • Distress Beacon
  • Escape Pods
  • Environmental Converter
  • Inertial Damper
  • Life Support
  • Medical Bay
  • Navigation System
Sensor and Targeting Systems:
  • Anti-ion Emission Tracer
  • Aural Sensor
  • Com-scan
  • Comm laser
  • Hyperwave Signal Interceptor​
  • Life Form Indicator
  • Long-range Sensor
  • Sensor Dampener
  • Targeting Laser
  • Targeting Sensor
  • Tri-Tracker
  • Wide-range Sensor

  • Has significant firepower for a corvette
  • Is heavily resistant to fighter attack
  • Is slow, forcing other ships to adjust to its pace
  • Main gun takes a long period of time to recharge after a shot
Description: The earliest iterations of the Massassi-class Corvette fought with the Sith Empire of old against the Republic, and later the Galactic Alliance. In the murky period following the dissolution of the Empire and infighting between Imperial factions, the New Order acquired a large number of Massassis. The ship was a common sight for an extended period of time amongst ex-Imperial pirates before eventually returning to the service of the Sith Empire. Whether the ships in service are refitted ancient vessels returned to the fold, or merely brand new ships molded in the visage of their forebear, is a question yet to be answered.

Massassis are slower ships that are intended to pick away at enemy anti-fighter ships, primarily of corvette and frigate class, to open up pathways for heavy bombers and the like. In great numbers they have the potential to threaten capital ships, but in practice are vulnerable to cruisers and up. The current iteration of the Massassi features a light beam cannon mounted on the front, plasma cannons for secondary armament, and composite beam lasers for use in an anti-fighter role.
Not open for further replies.