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Lore: Courts


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
In context of the Metal Lords and the Kingdoms Within The Void, a Court is synonymous with Honor Guard, they are the Lord's most trusted companions and advisors who have usually traveled and adventured with them for prolonged periods of time, enough to earn their trust, although a Court can be formed by a Lord whenever he sees fit, along with bestowing the titles upon who they deem worthy. However, Courts are usually formed by more established Lords who know their crew and companions well because they carry a certain amount of prestige and privilege with them among other Lords.

For example, a Lord's Court would be allowed entry to a Moot called by the Sparklords usually crew would not be allowed to, or they would be allowed to stay and listen when one Lord asks another to talk in private. As such, the Court would know much more about their Lord, their secrets, and the general intrigue among other Lords than the rest of the Crew.

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