Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Looking for small group for ultra violent RP.

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
As some of you know I have a lot of symbolism and deep emotional moments in a lot of my threads. Tears, love, regret, loss, nihilism, the whole nine yards. Though sometimes I just want to unplug and just get into the intense action thriller that Star Wars has the potential to provide.

So I'm looking for one or two active posting partners to help me out with a job for Blonde, and of course like the title says it's going to be very violent. Like stupidly violent without crossing the line into inappropriate and scaring. There won't be a lot of dialogue or intense emotion, just you, me, a couple guns and blades and a whole lot of action.

If you're at all interested and can at the very least post more than once a day I'd love to have you.

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