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Approved Tech Kraken M1

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Commander Lusk

Kraken M1 Mini Gun Slug thrower Weapon System

Image/ credit: http://torvenius.deviantart.com/art/Syndicate-Concept-Art-MINIGUN-274332972
Intent: To produce a weapon powerful enough to devastate and destroy infantry and light armored vehicles and be used by a single individual or two man crew.
Dev thread: NA
Manufacturer: Imperial ship works
Affiliation: Galactic Empire (formally Atrisian)
Modularity: Can be equipped with a back pack or mounted to a feeding system.
Production: Minor production

Description: The Kraken used only for the most hefty of operators to wield in battle, it was originally designed for mounts on light armor vehicles the project was cut since energy based blaster weapons were suited best on most vehicles due to their higher ammo capacity. Instead the Kraken was sized down to be used as an anti personnel weapon system on the battlefield. Though due to its size and heavy weight most operators had to either wear a back pack filled with ammo to supplement it or have another crewman carry it for them allowing them to move a bit faster with the heavy weapon. The main drawbacks of the weapon is that there is never enough ammo for it, firing over 1700 rounds a minute the electric motor in it constantly chews through more ammo then the operator has room to carry, needing to be mounted on a tripod to be used effectively the weapon system would knock back any average man who wielded it. As well as it being an electric motor propelling the weapon system it is vulnerable to a complete systems failure if exposed to an EMP rendering it only as a heavy piece of scrap metal unless repaired. All in all the Kraken is designed to put immense amounts of fire on enemy targets and light vehicles, though unable to aim down the sights the vulcan is mostly a point and shoot weapon system to fire enough slugs at a target to hit it, it is in no way an accurate weapon system but it gets the job done when mounted correctly on its tripod.

Classification: Slug Thrower
Size: Tri pod mounted back pack connected electrically driven, rotary breach fired weapon system.
Status: limited
Size: 600mm
Weight: 47 Lbs (Weapon alone)
85 lbs (With ammo pack)
Rate of fire: 1700 rounds per minute
Effective range: 500 meters (hand held)
1000 meters (mounted properly)
Ammo type: 7.62
Magazine size: 20,000 round back pack feed system. @[member="Mikhail Shorn"]

Lord Ghoul

This is too big for a human to use. They'd be knocked over from the recoil. Put something in about human's needing a tripod or something and I'll approve it.
Not open for further replies.