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  • Intent: Flesh out and build lore for the Irvulix system for roleplaying purposes.
  • Image Credit: Solar System Generator [x], edited by me
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Andromeda Demir
  • Star System Name: Irvulix
  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • Affiliation: Not currently affiliated with any current faction, nor is the system as a whole ruled by an individual power.
  • Accessibility: The Irvulix System is very much off the beaten path, separate and apart from the fact that, thanks to its position in a dense nebula, navigating to the system requires very careful calculations which most have historically concluded not to be worth the trouble.
  • Description: Nestled in a nebula in the Outer Rim, the Irvulix System is isolated even as far as Outer Rim systems go.

  • Size: Large
  • Wealth: Poor - The system is isolated and does not participate in trade. Only one planet, Irvulix V, bears sentient life and most of its residents are poor peasants, unaware of advanced technology, spaceflight or the broader galaxy.
  • Major Imports: N/A
  • Major Exports: N/A
  • Unexploited Resources: According to the sole astrological survey conducted of the system, the Irvulix System has limited exploitable resources, so minimal as to make the system a very low priority for settlement, exploration, or mining.
  • Hyperlanes: N/A
  • Population: Insignificant
  • System Traffic: Insignificant - Space travel in the system is exceedingly rare. The small ruling class on Irvulix V have limited access to space travel, and the peasantry are mostly ignorant of it, with extremely limited exceptions. Very occasional smuggling activity is present, mostly to smuggle Force-sensitive individuals off Irvulix V, but also to transport oligarchs off-world when necessary, or to bring luxury goods to the oligarchs.
  • Demographics: 100% Human
  • Native Species: Humans
  • Immigrated Species: N/A

Orbiting the sun of Irvulix Prime are seven planets, two of which are ostensibly hospitable: Irvulix V and Irvulix VI. Irvulix V is a rocky, all but barren world that suffered an ecological cataclysm more than two centuries ago, leaving it polluted and all but uninhabitable. Irvulix VI is a water world, with 95% of its surface area covered by a turbulent sea. Irvulix I, II, and III are close enough to the sun that their surfaces are baked and blasted by the sun, making them unable to support life. Irvulix IV is a gaseous planet without a stable surface for life. Irvulix VII, with its long and unstable orbit, is nearly devoid of atmosphere and vacillates between extreme hot and cold temperatures depending on its proximity to the system's sun. The only astrological survey taken of the system suggested that Irvulix VII was captured by Irvulix's gravitational pull relatively recently (in the cosmic scale) and will eventually pull free.



The Irvulix System is a backwater of a backwater of a backwater. It was mapped, barely, by a single survey decades ago. The isolated system, poor in resources and laborious to reach due to its position in a dense nebula, was deemed to be of limited potential for colonization or exploitation for resources and thus, left alone. The only populated planet in the system is Irvulix V which, at the time of the survey, was underoing a catastrophic ecological disaster that prevented the survey's scanners from detecting signs of sentient civilization. Therefore, the system was presumed to be unoccupied, unvalued and, like countless other systems in the galaxy, largely ignored.

The civilization on Irvulix V is an oppressive feudal society, ruled by few oligarchs in the capital that keep the rest of society in poverty and ignorance. Since being discovered after the survey, the secret of space travel is a closely guarded secret among the oligarchy, though precious few peasants are also aware and able to communicate off-world, mainly to arrange smuggling of Force sensitive people to safey to avoid summary execution by the state.
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