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Unreviewed Integran


  • Intent: To sub a species for Nemesis. My new character.
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  • Name: Integran (Homo Transvoratio)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Wild Space
  • Average Lifespan: 120-300
    Integran lifespans are complicated. In their base forms, they age and mature at around the same rate as humans. However, when they have absorbed a material, their aging slows while they are in the form of that material. However, if they remain transformed for too long they can lose themselves. See Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique
  • Description: Most of the time, Integran are almost physically indistinguishable from humans. Probably alluding to a common genetic precursor. However, what distinguishes Integran from humans is their unique ability to absorb and mimic the traits of materials they come in contact with. Taking on the form the material they absorb.
  • Breathes: Type 1
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.7m
  • Average Length of Adults: n/a
  • Skin color: Similar to human, though some may take on a metallic sheen of stone like complexion if they morph with a substance for too long.
  • Hair color: Similar to humans
  • Distinctions: As noted earlier, Integran are very similar to humans, with many scholars believing that Integran are an offshoot of humanity. However the main difference occurs on a molecular level. Integran possess the unique ability to absorb materials they come in contact with and assume its properties. The exact science on how an Integran can adopt the properties of materials they come in contact with, but it is believed their cells can take in a small sample of a substance and synthesise it, coating the cell. Eventually replacing the full organism.
  • Races: In the past, there were distinct races based around certain materials that an Integran had absorbed. Tribes of wooden Integran that lived in forests. Stone ones in the mountains and metal ones in metal cities. However, since Galactic travel, many Integran learned they could absorb any material, and the distinct races melded into one.
  • Force Sensitivity:Standard
  • Material Absorption - Integran possess the unique ability to duplicate at will the physical properties of anything they touched or that touched them. The current working theory is that their cells can take a sample of a material and synthesise it to coat the cell, spreading throughout their body until the whole Integran is composed of the material. Although there has been no definitive explanation behind this seemingly magical ability.
  • Enhanced strength - While having absorbed materials like stone of metal, Integran are significantly stronger then an average human.
  • Enhanced durability - While transformed, they are much tougher and harder to hurt. After all, stone is harder than flesh.
  • Loss of self - If morphed into a material for an extended period of time, Integran can lose who they are. Losing autonomy and simply becoming the material they morphed into. The Integran home-world has graveyards of statues of Integran who became an inanimate object.
  • A bounty worth hunting - Integran are a prized bounty. There are many in the Galaxy who love to get their hands on an Integran. Simply for the fact that if they absorb and transform into a precious metal or gemstone, there is now much more of it.
  • Material Weaknesses - While transformed, they have many strengths, but it also comes with drawbacks. They are that substance and have the weaknesses of it as well. A metal form would be vulnerable to electricity. A wooden form would be vulnerable to fire. Etc…
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Communication: Galactic Basic
  • Technology level: While Integran artisans used to be able to produce very advanced technology, their trade craft has been lost with most of the species. Those that remain use technology of a galactic standard.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Integran used to be very spiritual. Believing everything has its place and balance must be held, and it was there to ensure balance is kept. Changing form to keep balance with the universe. Since the near extinction of the species, those that remain are much less spiritual.
  • General behavior: Integran have changed drastically over history. With prehistoric Integran being a warmongering people. Using their ability to wage brutal wars on each other. After a sort of renaissance period, they became very spiritual and pacifistic. When they entered the galactic stage, this pacifism led them to being hunted for this apparent weakness. They shut themselves off in wild space for many generations before being rediscovered by the Sith Order and being wiped out. Those that are left must fend for themselves.
Integran history is long. From the brutal wars of prehistoric Integran who to the peaceful renaissance period. Though it isn’t particularly well documented.
No one can be sure where the species started. With some theorising they were human colonists who were either experimented on or encountered some strange energy. While others claim their similarities to humans was just a coincidence. Since the Sith wiped out most of the Integran in the recent purge, and the much earlier hunting of their people, most historical records of the species were lost. Leaving most of it up to speculation. However, what is known is that the Integran home-world was discovered 34 years ago. Throwing the Integran way of life into turmoil. It is also well documented that 4 years ago the Sith ordered the extinction of the species, deeming the Integran species a threat to the Sith Order after Integran rebels took back a garrison on the Integran home-world. The Sith rained turbo laser fire down on the planet and now only a handful of Integran remain, scattered across the Galaxy.
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