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First thread for this character!

So, slowly returning to full activity. Exams are almost over and my muse is dying to get Tsuki going! This'll be her first real thread so if anyone would like to RP with her that'd be awesome! I don't have any specfic ideas, but we can talk about that if you're interested.

Important info:
Tsuki is a Jedi Padawan. So she's only working with other Jedi or lightsiders at this point.
-If you're a darksider and wanna slap her around, that's cool too.
Yes, she is based on Hoshino

[member="Rhen Qel-Droma"], we talked about rping, up for it?

Arnold Vath

@Re'shal Ge'tal

Who got the profile picture first? I think one of us might have to change. Also, your name isn't coming up when I try to link it.


Just another avatar for Cyttorak
[member="Tsuki Aihara"], I'm looking to get more active with this character. He's a Yuuzhan Vong, genetically engineered to be able to commune with the Force, but it's made him rather nuts. I'd love to spar with you and send you running, only to have you return once you're more powerful to slap me around a bunch. :)

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Arnold Vath"] [member="Re'shal Ge'tal"]

Reshal had it first going by the member since date on your profiles. I suggest that you just either work it out between yourselves, one of you just recolors the armor, one of you gets a FC, or both of you get a FC and just don't worry about an armored mandalorian picture. Plenty of options honestly. Yall could just both say kark it and just keep using the same picture. Nothing stopping yall from doing that in the rules.

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