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Work In Progress Dantooine [Canon]


  • Intent: To further establish and flesh out the canon planet of Dantooine, so as to begin using the world more regularly for threads and plots important to the story of Chaos.
  • Image Credit: Wookiepedia, under Dantooine's "Legends" tab.
  • Canon: Canon
  • Permissions: [Please link any Marketplace purchase or similar approvals to use other Writers' content as part of this submission.]
  • Links: [ Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, etc here. Canon or otherwise. Especially obscure references, or events important to the submission.]
  • Planet Name: Dantooine
  • Demonym: Dantari, for the indigenous peoples. Dantoonian, for settlers and their descendants.
  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • System Name: Dantooine System, Raioballo Sector
  • System Features: One sun, Dina. Two unnamed moons. Dantooine is the fourth planet from the sun, with a rotational period of 25 standard hours, and an orbital period of 378 standard days.
  • Location: Dantooine already has its own hex on the map.
  • Major Imports: [ What the planet frequently buys from other planets. Common materials and ores should just be listed (Ex. Durasteel ore), while anything special or rare should be linked. ]
  • Major Exports: Agricultural goods and foodstuffs.
  • Unexploited Resources: Kyber crystals
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: [ Temperate is Earth-like. Make notes of anything substantially different yet similar to Temperate. Add Controlled for when most of the climate is controlled by technology. Use words such as Arid or Frozen to describe single biome worlds. ]
  • Primary Terrain: [ Significant types of terrain that can easily be found. Examples: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests, Artificial, Synthetic, etc. Multiple can be used. ]
  • Atmosphere: [ Choose one of the following: Type I, Type II, Type III, or Type IV. Full descriptions of each can be found on the Wiki here. ]
  • Capital City: [ What is the name of the planet's capital? ]
  • Planetary Features: [ What are interesting artificial features of the planet? Ruins, interconnected cities, floating urban platforms. This field is used to sketch out artificial features, adding RP opportunities, but without the need for specific details like in the major locations field. You can also include if the planet is primarily Wild, Rural, Suburban, Urban, or a Mix. ]
  • Major Locations: [ What are the major locations on your world? Include an explanation on each. ]
  • Force Nexus (Optional): [ If you wish to add a Force nexus (light, neutral, or dark), you are required to justify it through your submission and history. ]
    Intent: [ Provide the reasoning and motive for this force nexus. A request for a force nexus may be denied on this premise alone. ]
    Nexus Name: [ Name of the nexus if applicable. ]
  • Nexus Alignment: [ Light, Dark, Neutral, Other (explain). ]
  • Size: [ Small (A small location on a world much like a grove or oasis. Ex. Dark Grove), Medium (A moderately sized area, large compounds, lake, etc Ex. Great Temple), Large (A location that spans a large area, a valley, mountain ranges, etc. Ex. Valley of the Jedi). Planetary (Influences everything on the planet. Ex. Byss). ]
  • Strength: [ How strong is the Nexus? How much influence does it exert on those near it? Weaker nexus are easier to overlook, while stronger ones are impossible to miss. Stronger Nexus will be more closely scrutinized for balance and fairness during judging. Choose one: Weak (A weak influence on the area and the people on it. A fragile nexus that can potentially be altered by people or events, i.e. a lightside nexus could be corrupted by atrocity or a dark side nexus cleansed by the actions of a mass of Jedi.), Moderate (A moderate influence on the area and the people on it. Could be altered with a great enough event.), Strong (A strong influence on the area and the people on it. Powerful enough to be renewed in the event of a great cataclysm, and unlikely to be altered.) ]
  • Accessibility: [ For Small, Medium, or Large Nexus only. Describe logistical information on how easy it is to find/access this location. Is it hidden? Is it isolated from society or is it in the middle of civilization? Is it guarded? Open to the public or private access only? Keep in mind that the Strength of the Nexus above must be reflected in this field. ]
  • Effects: [ What sort of effects does this Nexus confer? An aura of fear? Reinvigorating those on the world? Perhaps it induced tricks of the mind, to test the visitors. These effects can be positive, neutral, or negative, and should reflect the nature and history of the Nexus. ]

  • Native Species: [ Species that have always lived there. Any uncommon species or custom species should be linked. ]
  • Immigrated Species: [ Immigrant species with significant populations. Any uncommon species or custom species should be linked. ]
  • Population: [ Choose from: Uninhabited, Insignificant, Sparse, Moderate, Heavy, Crowded - Optional: include a population number. ]
  • Demographics: [ Please describe the population assortment found on this planet. Is it primarily human inhabitants with only a small percentage of aliens? Or perhaps the other way around? Is this a place open to all kinds of races or is there a strong theme of racism and xenophobia? Specific race percentages are welcome but not required. ]
  • Primary Languages: [ Include any languages primarily spoken on this planet. Galactic Basic is an example of a language speaking across the Galaxy. ]
  • Culture: [ General overview of the inhabitant's behaviors. This should include information about daily life, society, arts, sports, religion. ]
  • Government: [ Federal Republic would describe a government such as the United States. Other general terms can be used. ]
  • Affiliation: [ Does this planet fall under the rule of a certain person or faction? Company or group? Link any relevant characters, faction pages, or groups. ]
  • Wealth: [ Poor, Low, Medium, High, Wealthy. Describe, briefly, why. ]
  • Stability: [ Low, Medium, High. Are there major issues causing unrest? Is this a planet of chaos or one of peaceful law-abiding citizens? Is it dangerous for travellers to visit or are you safe as an outsider? Describe the general feel and theme of any overarching government or rulers/leaders in this city. ]
  • Freedom & Oppression: [ Describe the atmosphere of freedom on this planet. Are the people fairly free or is oppression of society and commerce heavy? Does it have a dictatorial ruler? Is fear of the ruling body prevalent? Relaxed and open? Is anything unusual illegal or permitted? ]
  • Military: [ Describe the military capabilities of this planet. Is it completely demilitarized? A fortress world complete with heavy defenses? A space-faring world with a substantial navy? Is it a hive of scum and villainy with no discernible defense structure other than what it's inhabitants have to offer? Or maybe due to low tech the people here are still in the bronze age. ]
  • Technology: [ A description of how technologically advanced the planet is relative to the galaxy. If there is nothing of note, simply put 'Galactic Standard'. ]
[ Include a history of the planet here. Be sure to cover the following information:
How was the planet discovered? How was the planet settled? When was it settled? Why was it settled? What major events specific to the planet helped shape its inhabitants to what they are today? If there is a Nexus, how did it come about and how did it influence the history of the planet?

Remember that these custom planets may be submitted to the map for the community to enjoy. The more background you set down, the more clearly others will be able to understand your view of your creation. ]
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