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Character Creation (Lord Combattere)

Lord Combattere

Personal Information
Name: Jimmy Carvan
Faction: N/A
Species: Chiss

Physical Information
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6,1 Inches
Weight: 180 Lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Skin: Blue

Force Information
Force Sensitive: Yes
Midahclorian Count: 11,000k

Force Abilities
Novice Rookie Proficient Expert Master
|||| |||| |||| |||| ||||
Force Exhaustion ||||
Force Valor ||||
Telekinesis ||||
Force Grip ||||
Force Jump ||||
Precognition ||||
Force Speed ||||

Lightsaber Information

Shii Choo ||||
Makashi ||||
Soresu ||||
Ataru ||||
Shiien ||||
Djem So ||||
Niman ||||
Juyo ||||
Vapaad ||||
Jar'Kai ||||


- Having great genetics and in his prime physical condition for his age it affords him great speed and agility with acrobatics

- His potential in the force was one if not his greatest allies beings stronger in the force than some past Jedi.


- Without patience, Jimmy was one to overextend himself often losing control of his anger or not having full control of his body often he bit off more than he could chew

- Pride it was one that often caused Jimmy trouble he was not one to ask for help if in need and would always make his decisions off what he was and how people looked at him making him easily manipulated and controlled


Jimmy was a tall Chiss he stood 6,1 and had a long reach he often wore leather trench coat and turtlenecks with black combat boots


The boy was taken into slavery at the age of 1 and was a slave until he was adopted by a family of Togruts at the age of 7 until he was 17 when Darth SiRiDio came and killed his family ever since then he has had immense hate but as kept it hidden trying to become good but with such a bad past his anger is never too deep.


His two lightsabers
His starfighter