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LFG Chaos Hits the Road | A Different Kind of Mandalorian Clan



Founded long before the fall of the Galactic Empire in the year 1000 BBY, a man who's first name has been lost to time stood his ground and waged war against an army of Womp Rats ravaging the Dune Sea on Tatooine, an action that would see the foundation of the Mandalorian Clan Claiborne. This is the long held tale that members of Clan Claiborne pass down, a clan very much rejected by the rest of their culture. Following in the nature of the mysterious founder of their clan, the Mandalorians of Claiborne are know to be erratic, chaotic, and down-right bizarre, speaking in a strange twangy accent and acting upon the unusual whims of their collective group. This strange nature in combination of the presumed weakness of the womp rat, the creature which lead to their founding, has seen them become one of the least respected clans in Manda, a reputation that has driven them to a state of isolation from the rest of their culture. In 82 ABY, well after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the clan would gather together their resources and construct a capital ship to serve as their new home, setting off to the stars to forge their own way in the galaxy, separate from the rest of Mandalore. Now, nearly 900 years since that point, they continue to travel the stars in their home-vessel spreading chaos and confusion wherever they roam...

Hello. This here is an idea crafted in a voice channel and fueled by an unhealthy amount of sleep. Clan Claiborne is a project purely for fun, an exploration of the extreme fringes of Mandalorian culture. This is the Hill Billy, red neck Clan that your average warrior of Mando'a scoffs at, and that's kind of an idea that we really fell in love with. Space crack heads, if you will. So here's a little bit of info to let you know what these guys are about.

  • Chaos: We follow the whims of the collective. That means alignment will be all over the place. The one assured thing is that guns will be shot and a good time will be had.
  • No Leadership: That's right, this is a purely egalitarian clan where decisions are made by the majority, and these are folks who may end up doing some rather dumb things. Stronger members will rise to the top, of course, but ultimately this is designed to allow rp to determine who leads and who follows in any given moment.
  • Mobile home base: We live in the Rat's Nest. It's a big ol capital ship with a bunch of guns that carries the clan to their next battle. That means we can be in a lot of places and do a lot of things, feeding into the chaotic nature of the group.
  • Purely a Minor group: Yeah, these guys aren't here to lead Mando'a to a glorious bright future. Not even in the slightest. They're here to drink alcohol and waste slug rounds for fun. So don't expect this to be some kind of Enclave killer or something goofy like that. These guys are probably about the crusades.
  • Disgraced: That's right, this is the garbage Mando clan. This right here is my endorsement of making fun of Clan Claiborne. They are, for all intensive purposes, supposed to be the butt of a joke, and I think playing that up will be really fun.

So yeah, if you wanna maybe explore a new kind of Mandalorian group and get a little bit of chaos in your life, feel free to pop in and ask a little more. We got a discord server and a shell faction page that houses it. I'm working on a first thread that should see a lil bit of gun slingin and yee hawing, so pop in if you're curious. Thanks in advance.
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