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Approved Tech Automaton 0-14 "Goreborg"

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  • Intent: Provide the prototype for the Automaton 1-22
  • Image Source: Video is from Virus (1999), First Image, Second Image (I would provide appropriate source, but pinterest shows up in like 30 google pages)
  • Canon Link: None
  • Restricted Missions: None
  • Primary Source: None
  • Manufacturer: BioNet Systems
  • Model: A-014
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Affiliation: BioNet Systems
  • Modularity: Anything compatible
  • Material: Corpses, Durasteel, Droid Components
  • Quick Production
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Modular
  • Quick Production - Additional parts and structure are usually mounted onto flesh and bone of corpses, allowing fast creation and enhancement, not needing to wait for an entire assembly line to assemble an entire droid, part by part, piece by piece.
  • Multi-Purpose - The A-014 is highly versatile, and is compatible with just about any cybernetic created. It can make other A-014's, it can maintain other droids and A-014's, it can head into battle with a variety of cybernetic weapons or any melee device, gather materials, or even do simple maintenance duties like maintain connections or other similar duties
  • Modular - It can wield any cybernetic, droid, or stand-alone weaponry (such as rifles, snipers, rocket launchers etc that are hand-held) and can receive any number of upgrades... with some room for errors and malfunctions
  • Let Me Have It - The A-014 does not discriminate to any addition. With some room left open for malfunctions and problematic occurrences, the A-014 can wield any infantry weapon, any upgrade (hardware, cybernetic, or otherwise), and any routine. Don't want it to do maintenance or fight? It can communicate as well. In theory, it could be an upstanding member of society.
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Any weapon that is not mounted on a vehicle, or is intrinsically anti-infantry (Like a modern flak cannon/turret would shred infantry) will not destroy the A-014. However, it's flesh portions can be severally destroyed or crippled, causing extremely high chances of malfunctions or even disabling it.
Weaknesses :
  • Cobbled-Together - This thing shouldn't even be walking. A bone breaks, enough flesh tears away, etc., this thing is going to be only as half operable as when it was designed, and that didn't leave room out for malfunctions. It has slow mobility, operation, slow reaction and response, and is very limited in almost any ability. You could probably tear off its arm if it's just a fleshy bit.
  • Exposure - There's always exposed pieces... whether it's the skull with the central processor, the abdomen with the power source, the chest or joints with open wiring, the 0-14 is deadly and very dangerous, but hitting the right places that are exposed will take it down.
The Automaton 0-14, commonly nicknamed the "Goreborg," is put together by corpses of the dead, and "revived" through cybernetics and robotics. It was BioNet Systems first prototype that eventually lead to the Automaton 1-22. If "eventually" meaning hundreds or thousands of bodies used in testing and experimenting with the 0 series. It was the prototype for BioNet Systems to bring together organic life and machine into sentience. With the limited technology they had at an arms reach, they would get closer and closer to their goal. Like every perfected science, there are dark undertones that came before it. This is BioNet Systems deep dark secret. The clean up and assistance from Vixley CM-01 and BioNet Systems to help after a war or cataclysmic event let to corpse gathering, which eventually lead to the 0-14. There were many after the 0-14, all additional experiments and failed experiments, which explains the difference in variety (Different common systems or upgrades).

Wait. Isn't everyone in BioNet Systems either a droid or a clone? Who nicknamed it? 0-01 had to come from somewhere, didn't it? Vixley first worked with humans before the facilities were operational.
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