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Name: Apotheoun
Faction: N/A
Rank: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Height: 4'11"
Eye Color: Brown, Dark Side: Sulfuric Yellow
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Force Sensitive: Yes
Homeworld: Epoch
Voice Sample:


+ Young Scholar: Apotheoun devours his lessons on Sith teachings, always craving more.

+Speaks and writes Sith: The boy is fluent in the Sith language, in fact it is his native tongue due to being raised by the Sith Cult. Apotheoun is capable of deciphering most Sith incarnations and writings, however some still illude him.

+Conditioned: Apotheoun has been conditioned and molded into the image the High Priest Vaskus designed. As such he believes he is the said vessel for the Left Handed God and nothing will stop him or deter him from accomplishing his goals.

- Divinity: Apotheoun believes he is a god in a mortal shell and as such believes all creation is his birthright. He is impulsive and will put himself in harm's way without thinking twice, he cannot be stopped unless he wills it. So he thinks...

- Child: Apotheoun is still simply a child, he lacks the strength or physique to match most in combat and is still developing mentally. He has much maturing to do.

- Inexperienced: The boy has little to no knowledge of the Galaxy and how it functions. His knowledge merely from Sith texts and lessons from his indoctrinated tutors. In addition he has had no combat experience in the real world.



Same as avatar

Notable Possessions:

Notable Skills:

Sith Lore - Adept

Force Powers:

Telekinesis - Novice

Farsight - Novice

Apotheoun is a force sensitive human male hailing from the Deep Core world of Epoch. Details of the child's birth and past up to his arrival into the hands of the Sith cult known as the Hand of Typhojem is shrouded in secrecy.

What is known is that "Apotheoun" was taken as an infant and raised by this order of Sith worshippers. According to High Priest Vaskus, Prophet of Typhojem, Apotheoun is the vessel of the Left Handed God and has groomed the child as such. Whether this is propaganda amongst the cult or some tool for control remains irrelevant. The boy and members alike have been conditioned into believing such accepting it as fact over fiction. A great destiny awaits the god child and all those who protect and serve him will be rewarded upon his ascension... at least that's what the high priest preaches.

In truth, Apotheoun has been indoctrinated into the ways of the Sith. He speaks and writes fluent Sith and knows many of the ancient Sith teachings. His ability to use the Force is hampered by the fools too weak to teach him. He has studied throughout his childhood to fill this role as their Sith savior, having been worshipped and tended to with whatever he desired. He has watched his subjects suffer for him, die for him, and has been forced to watch the torture of dozens who crossed the Cult.

Moving from planet to planet, the Hand sought planets saturated in the Dark Side to appease their god. Apotheoun felt the call of the Dark Side and meditated on it, immersed himself in it, and sometimes was gifted with dark visions of events that could be or have passed by.


(If you wish to be included in the story in any way from the past or present PM me)

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